Hades, Supergiant Games newest acclaimed rogue-like, has a few tricky boss fights, that's right, I am looking at you Theseus, and Asterius.

But none of them is harder than your final obstacle to finally complete your objective, Lord Hades himself.

But do not fare, we will now give you a few tips on how to beat him! 

The Irony Is Not Lost on Us

First, you need to be prepared to face the God of the Underworld, for that, we recommend the use of the Aspect of Hades, an aspect of the Eternal Spear ''Varatha''. This Aspect gives you a huge boost in your attack damage, and your range, and is fairly easy to unlock.

  • The Spear can be unlocked with only 2 ounces of Titan Blood, so go and beat the furies a few times and get ready to sweep Hades with his very own spear. 

For the fight, as in all in Hades, the right boons are essential. To be ready for Hades, make sure you have a high amount of health, which can be improved by gathering Centaur Hearts, make sure to also fortify your Spin Attack damage and speed with a few Daedalus Hammers.

The use of Death Defiance or Death Defiance is a necessity, and don't forget to upgrade its effects with boons if possible.

The Gods Are on Your Side 

To face Hades, is good to select boons that fit your playstyle the best, but here are a few of our choices:

  • Athena's deflection abilities can be game-changers for its invincibility frames. 
  • Poseidon's call is extremely advised, since offers a great deal of damage and makes you invulnerable for its duration. 
  • Demeter's cast offers a good amount of damage for those that decide to fight long-range or focus on inflicting status. 
  • Zeus lighting damage and chain abilities are a given.
  • Don't miss out on the opportunity to take all the protective boons you can, focussing on increasing your defense and your call availability. 

We're at the Endgame Now 

Now that the preparations are complete, be ready to face the big boss himself.

Hades has 2 phases, of course. His first phase's move-set is simple but highly damaging: He can trust its spear and fly at your position in a forward motion, Throw a skull, that if hit, makes Zagreus suffer +100% damage for a few seconds, and if missed and not destroyed shortly, fires a damaging wave that covers a huge part of the battlefield. Not only that, but he also summons different enemies to his aid.

Stay Mobile

To go around those, keeping yourself mobile and taking your time is essential, making sure to damage him only when he opens himself to damage. It's pretty simple on paper, but it can be pretty demanding. Also, make sure to not die during its first phase. 

Play it Smart 

After killing him once, he will get serious, becoming more violent and making use, above all, of a few new AoE attacks and debuffs: 

He will now have a 3 attack combo, which finishes with a wide swing attack he will also gain the ability to fire brimstone lasers and will start making use of vase-like traps that, when broken, will paralyze and deal damage to Zagreus. 

Now is when you need to stay on your toes since his attacks will do huge damage.

To beat him, make use of the involvement to hit him from behind the rocks (the spin attack is made for this), and make sure not to get cornered by his traps, minions, and beans.

  • A great strategy is to wait for him to fire the lasers and, from behind a rock, use your special or charged attacks to damage him, remember, Hades is not a sprint, take your time and don't risk losing your progress for a small reward. 


So, what are you waiting for, go put Hades in his place and show him that nothing can stand in your way to meeting your mother! 

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