Genshin Impact is full of charismatic and different characters, each one with its list of strong points and its characteristic playstyle. But between all of them, Kaeya is without a doubt one of the most overlooked. Be for its set, with is not as impressive as its counterparts, its skills damage input, or the fact that it's one of the started characters available for free, the Cavalry Captain doesn't seem to gain that much recognition. 

But Kaeya's strength lies elsewhere. 

We will now talk about 2 builds in with, through the clever use of its talents, constellations, team compositions, and stats, is possible to unravel his true potential, both as a physical, and as an elemental DPS. 

Ready to get physical?


For this build, is important for you to have at least Kaeya´s first constellation, with gives him a 15% Crit Rate bonus if the enemies are affected by Cryo, and to focus on his normal attacks as its main source of damage, using his elemental abilities to activate the constellation perk, and do additional damage. 

For this, weapons that have a focus on physical damage as their sub-stat, like the Prototype Rancour and the Aquila Favonia would be ideal, and, because of its ability and damage input, Aquila Favonia would be our recommendation. Other weapons, like The Black Sword, can also be used to great effect. 

It's all about presentation 

The chosen artifacts can vary depending on your playstyle. If you focus more on the use of charged attacks, a 2 piece Bloodstained Chivalry, 2 piece Gladiator's Finale would be ideal. Since the full Gladiator's Finale set doesn't offer an attack bonus on charged attacks. If you focus more on the use of his Elemental Skill and Burst, a full Gladiator's Finale can work well because of its bonus. Remember to use a Physical DMG Bonus goblet on both occasions. 

This build is not so dependent on team compositions, but causing reactions such as Superconduct is recommended since it reduces the target's Physical RES by 50%. Using Frozen can also prove to be effective. Barbara and Xingqiu are great choices to produce the reaction. Fishil and Lisa can both be a great choice to keep the reactions coming. 

It's all About Teamwork: Kaeya's and Chongyun's Cryo Damage Fest


This build focuses a lot more on team composition and can only be used if the player has Kaeyas first Constellation and Chongyun on his team.  Why? Well, because with him on the team, you can make use of his Elemental Skill effect and make all of Kaeyas attacks Cryo, making use of the set bonus to its fullest. Remember to equip Chongyun with the Noblesse Oblige set. Since its full set offers a 20% Burst DMG Bonus, and an increase in all party members ATK by 20% for 12 seconds after using his Elemental Burst.

For Kaeya, on the other hand, we will be focusing on the Full Blizzard Strayer set, with can be found in the new Peak of Vindagnyr, located on Dragonspine, and focus on sub-stats that will help you build up your CRIT Damage, and making use of the effect of the full set to build up your CRIT Rate. Remember to make use of a Cryo DMG Bonus goblet. 

On the weapons side, we can make use of a bunch of different ones, like the Blackcliff Longsword, because of its high CRIT DMG, or The Flute, for its adaptability and active ability, but for the best possible DPS, Summit Shaper would be the best choice. As for Chongyun, the Sacrificial Greatsword or the Favonius Greatsword would be great. 

As is true with all DPS, focus on its normal attacks is essential, but since Kaeya will receive a great boost in Cryo Damage, focusing on its Elemental Skill over its Burst is best, since it's available more often and will give you plenty of health and energy.

So, which one of the builds will you try it on? 

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 5PlayStation 4PCs, and mobile devices.

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