What are the best legends in Apex Legends season 9? Let's see a tier list with the characters ordered from best to least impact in-game.

Apex Legends has released its ninth season, known as Legacy, and now it's time to continue winning and becoming stronger within its new proposal. For this, nothing better than meeting their characters. 

A new season has come to Apex Legends, and with it, a few changes for the legends that we embody in the battle royale. Although the Arenas are a great novelty, we cannot forget the genuine mode of this game. Therefore, today we focus on this specific modality.

Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 9: Which Apex Legend to Use?

 Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 9

Tier S - Best legends in Apex Legends season 9

  • Bloodhound: The tracker remains an almost obligatory choice due to their skills for locating enemies and controlling the map.
  • Gibraltar: Wide defensive in character and with an almost perfect kit of skills, Gibraltar should also be one of the team members in any game.
  • Octane: An extremely offensive character that allows you to get the most out of Apex Legends. Ideal for attacking and touring the map. A good flank kills anyone.

Tier A - Apex legends that thrive

  • Wraith: Another excellent option to flank the enemy. The power of this legend is maintained and allows great mobility, avenues of attack, ambush, and also escape.
  • Valkyrie: The new legend of recognition is going strong and allows to take great advantage of the competition with its kit of skills. Extremely helpful support.
  • Lifeline: Another support that is a highly recommended choice to make fighting or risky situations not so problematic.
  • Horizon: If the team does not yet have a lopsided offensive force, choose Horizon. Despite the nerf she has received, she is still very competent.

Tier B - Valid choices for all games

  • Bangalore: The professional soldier is an excellent choice for individualistic players. Offensive and evasive ability that never hurts.
  • Pathfinder: Another character who allows you to play your ball and who can contribute a lot to the team. Much mobility and ability to make different decisions.
  • Revenant: An aggressive character that allows crossing the line without generating negative consequences for other teammates.
  • Wattson: If you like to play defense, Wattson is a viable option. It does not stand out, but it can have a beneficial impact on the game.

Tier C - They are not the most remarkable or advisable

  • Crypto: Crypto's recognition is overshadowed by the great utility of Bloodhound and Valkyrie, who represent better options.
  • Mirage: The rogue is not the best choice right now, and many players already know how to crack his illusion tricks. But of course, he calls other characters stupid.
  • Caustic: This legend demands to know its mechanics very well, and to know that, he must be played defensively to get a remotely viable use of it.
  • Rampart: A legend too immobile perhaps, and in need of a buff for a while - basically since it came out.
  • Loba: Although Loba may seem like an interesting option, right now, she is not the most suitable legend. She can be useful, but there are better characters if you decide to play freely.

Tier D - Barely used Apex legends with not much benefit 

  • Fuse: At the moment, Fuse is still at the bottom in terms of use and in terms of possibilities. It does not offer much, although Respawn has already hinted at its future changes.

Now that you know about the best legends in Apex Legends Season 9, get out there, try to win, and let’s hope for a TitanFall 3.

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