Rajang is a familiar face within the Monster Hunter saga, and in Rise, he returns ready to continue causing despair among players. The raging rage of Rajang has plagued even the most veteran hunters for a few editions of Monster Hunter. This monster, which you can find in Rise in missions of 7 stars of high rank, is not at all easy to defeat. Today, we'll show you how to defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise.

That said, Monster Hunter Rise has added new faces, but the hardest to beat is one that many of you already know. However, if you are new to the saga, you may want to take a look at this guide in which we tell you the keys to defeating the Rajang.

How to Defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise Explained

How to defeat rajang

You are facing one of the most demanding challenges of Monster Hunter Rise, and that is that Rajang is anything but affordable. The ferocity of this monster is its differential factor. Rajang will harass you with powerful attacks wherever you are. You will barely take a breather during combat.

This monkey-bull has two forms - one normal with black fur and another much more "Dragon Ball", where power is unleashed. In both, it is very dangerous, but you must pay special attention when it activates its most intimidating form, especially when its arms turn red. This is where you will have to be more careful.

Rajang has destructive attacks, but his yellow breath and aerial tackle do the most damage. You also need to be careful when it grabs you, as it could finish you off in one fell swoop.

If it hits you - don't hesitate; heal yourself, because the next mistake could be fatal.

His string of punches is longer than it seems, and in a "normal" state, he can project balls of energy that should not catch you off guard.

In addition, Rajang is very intelligent and can avoid and destroy traps if he is in an electrified state. This combat requires all your senses and the slightest mistake pays dearly!

Rajang has hardly any elemental weaknesses - only to ice and a very slight weakness to water - so try to get some ice weapons, like the Barioth set or the Goss Harag. On the other hand, its main weak point is the head. If you don't see a clear opportunity, try targeting the front legs!

When it comes to weaponry, a bow or a bowgun will keep you out of the rain of blows, but be very careful when approaching Rajang. If you do not know this monster, we recommend a spear or sword and shield, although a good hammer does not hurt if you are already tanned.

Now that you know how to defeat Rajang, why not check out the rest of our guides on Monster Hunter Rise and the rest of the guides on the best games around, here at GamesAtlas.

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