There are a series of elements that you can use in your games to Returnal to obtain a kind of additional lives that are going to be great for you. Now we are going to teach you how to get extra lives in Returnal.

How to Get Extra Lives In Returnal

 How to Get Extra Lives In Returnal

In Returnal, you will die many times, and that makes it quite unpleasant at first to have to repeat the game over and over again, especially when the biomes go by and you have to go back to the beginning again, with which you get extra lives. it must be one of your main concerns.

But of course, the game concept that Returnal brings means that there are no extra lives as such, but we must take refuge in a series of objects such as the astronaut figure to start the game again at the same point where they have eliminated us.

However, in addition to the figure of the astronaut that we can get several with a little luck in a game, we also have other elements such as the child's watch, parasites, or different reconstructors, although some are more recommended than others.

Throughout our game, we can find artefacts, parasites, and even alien reconstructors that act as extra lives so that we can continue the game at the same point, or at least close to where they have eliminated us.

With regard to artefacts, we have the figure of the astronaut and the child's watch that will bring you back to life in exactly the same place where you died. They basically do the same thing, but the astronaut figure is better because when you start the game again you have much more life than with the child's watch.

Once unlocked, they will appear to you as normal artefacts throughout the adventure. Note that the figure of the astronaut and the children's clock comes from the events of the house, and until you have reached that point you will not have them available.

Another element that interests us a lot is parasites, which will allow us to survive a fatal blow by separating later. Of course, these parasites have a negative cost that will greatly reduce the maximum integrity once separated.

Finally, we have the alien rebuilders that cost ether and that only work in the biome in which you found them, so if you unlock a rebuilder in one biome, but die in a different one, it will not work for you. They also obviously don't bring you back to life exactly at the point where you died, but you could say they are checkpoints.

Above all, we recommend both the astronaut figure and the child's watch, which you can even store together, understanding them as additional extra lives.

Now that you know how to get extra lives in Returnal, why not check out more guides on the best games around, here at GamesAtlas.

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