In Apex Legends, the landing spot can be the decisive factor for you and your teammates.

Choose a good drop spot - and you’ll gain an early advantage within the first couple of minutes. Choose a low-tier one - and you can lose as soon as you get in a fight with a squad already stocked with gold and purple items.

So, where to land in Apex Legends in order to find the best loot? Learn here!

#1 - King’s Canyon High-Tier Locations

apex legends kings canyon

Good old King’s Canyon is many players’ favorite, including me. If you are sad to see it disappear, no worries:

We still got to play it on limited events in Season 7. But Revamped King’s Canyon map will be back in Season 8, Mayhem, coming on the 2nd of February (Are you excited as I am?). It looks like some big changes are ahead.

These are the best locations to drop in once it’s back:

  • Salvage. Remember the old Thunderdome and Skull Town? They were always filled with valuable items, and it seems that they will continue to be, albeit demolished and renamed in Season 8.
  • The Rig. An addition of a hanging platform north of the Rig will likely be packed with loot.
  • Supply Ship. If you are feeling bold, landing on Supply Ship will surely saturate your appetite.
  • Market. Once you’re inside, things can easily turn into chaos. But there’s a huge chance you’ll find rewarding items.
  • Bunker. It contains solid loot, though Legendary items are rare. If you are in a squad with a Caustic, though, just deploy the gas and enjoy the fruits - or better yet, damage - of its labor!

#2 - World’s Edge High-Tier Locations

apex legend worlds edge

World’s Edge has celebrated its first birthday sometime around last year, so many players are already familiar with all the nooks and crannies of it.

If you want to secure yourself and your squad with the best loot, go for one of these locations:

  • Lava Fissure. Loot bins on Lava Fissure are bound to give you good weapons and some quality protection.
  • Train Yard. Always packed, Train Yard also sports High-Tier items. Plus, it’s a good strategic position if you want to head to the next location:
  • Vault. I mean, isn’t it the most satisfying feeling when you and your team are the first to open the shining Vault?
  • The Epicenter. As a paradox, icicles and glaciers in the Epicenter are always hot because of the premium Loot they are hiding.
  • Sorting Factory. Rush to be the first one to the four central bins in the Sorting Factory, and you’ll be equipped with all you need to start the game.

#3 - Olympus High-Tier Locations

apex legends olympus

The newly-introduced Olympus - home of Octane, Horizon, and Lifeline - has brought us exciting locations.  Where to land if you are heading for an Olympus match?

  • Autumn Estates. Modern houses in this area are sure to hide sweet loot, and a bonus is that you have convenient cover spots.
  • Rift Aftermath. Swirling rifts’ unique houses and bins will grant you High-Tier items. Once you are done looting, you can jump through the energy ball in the center and teleport to continue your path to the crown.
  • The Reverie Lounge. Located at the top of Bonsai Plaza, it connects the two buildings, and the chances of finding purple items are high.
  • Docks. The Docks are a popular landing location, but also huge. Likely, you’ll manage to grab a High-Tier shield and arm yourself before you encounter the first battle.
  • Research Basin. Above the Hammond Labs, you’ll find the Research Basin that spawns gold loot 99% of the time. Plus, it’s not named on the map, so an early encounter is unlikely. The only downfall is that there won’t be enough loot for the whole team!

Final Thoughts

If you land in one of these epic loot locations in Apex Legends, you and your team are one step closer to the title of the Champion of the Arena.

The tradeoff you’ll have to make is that you will probably have to fight at least three teams early in the game.

But you know what they say: High risk/high reward!

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