There are plenty of choices to be made within the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla world. Some more important than others. In this guide, we will be explaining all those important choices that can affect the outcome of certain storylines. There are various other game choices however only ones directly affecting the outcome will be included. This guide will be explaining the plot, so spoilers are ahead.

This guide doesn’t include all the Sigurd Strike choices that you make during the game, there is a separate article for those choices here.

Ledecestrescire Arc - Do you kill Leofrith?

At the end of the Ledecestrescire Arc, Eivor faces up against Leofrith in a boss battle. Just as Eivor is about to defeat him, they are given the option of whether to Spare or Kill Leofrith. If you spare him, he will tell Eivor about the Zealots and a scroll that needs to be burnt so they don’t chase you. Eivor can also encounter Leofrith later in the game in Lincoln if he is spared. If Eivor kills him, the Zealots will hunt Eivor down for the rest of the game. Killing Leofrith does make the Zealots easier to find as they count as Order of the Ancients members. 

Grantebridgescire Arc - Recruit Birna as Jomsviking.

During the quest “The Stench of Treachery” Soma will task Eivor with finding out who the traitor is amongst her clan. The options are Birna, Lif, Galinn. The traitor is Galinn and if you choose correctly, Birna will join the Raven Clan at the end of the Arc.

East Anglia Arc - Recruit Finnr as Jomsviking.

There are multiple different choices in the East Anglia Arc which will decide if Finnr joins the Raven Clan. During the quest “A Fury from the Sea” Eivor will engage in a battle with Rued. At the end of the battle, Eivor is given two options “Rued will die” or “Rued will live”. Killing Rued is the best option and Finnr will join the Raven Clan. If Rued is spared, he will show up at Oswald's wedding and request a duel. If Oswald does the duel, Finnr will not join the Raven Clan. If Eivor completes the duel, then Finnr does join the Raven Clan.

Oxenefordscire Arc - Should You Exile Lady Eadwyn?

At the end of the Oxenfordscire Arc, Eivor is given the choice for Lady Eadwyn to be exiled or for Geadric to look after her. If Eivor has her exiled, she’ll threaten to come and find Eivor and kill them as soon as she can. If Eivor chooses to have Geadric look after her, she’ll be arrested, taken away and doesn’t threaten Eivor. 

Sciropescire Arc - Deny or Send Ivarr to Valhalla?

During the quest “King Killer”, Eivor will engage in a boss fight with Ivarr. At the end of the fight, Eivor can either choose to send him to Valhalla or deny him. When reporting back to Ubba, he will ask about the death of Ivarr. The choices are “Ivarr died well”, “Ivarr died badly” or “He wanted death”. If Eivor sent Ivarr to Valhalla, the best option is “Ivarr died well”. If Eivor denies Ivarr Valhalla, choose “Ivarr died badly” or “He wanted death”. If Eivor lies to Ubba, he will be angry at Eivor later in the game.

Essexe Arc - Recruit Rollo as Jomsviking.

Another Arc, another “Find the Traitor” mission. Eivor befriends Rollo who also has a traitor amongst his ranks. Eivor chooses who the traitor is between Gerhild or Lork. The traitor is Gerhild. If Eivor accuses Gerhild then there will be no repercussions later in the arc. If Eivor accuses Lork then Estrid will get injured during her escape later in the arc. Regardless of Eivor’s choice, Rollo will join the Raven Clan.

Lincolnscire Arc - Who Should Be Ealdorman?

Eivor has to cast their vote on who should become the new Ealdorman of Lincolnscire. The choices are Bishop Herefrith, Aelfgar or Hunwald. If Eivor chooses Bishop Herefrith, the arc ends there but he’ll later be revealed as an Order member. If Aelfgar or Hunwald is chosen, Bishop Herefrith will immediately reveal himself as an Order member. The arc will continue with Eivor charging Anecastre and assassinating Bishop Herefrith.

Jorvik Arc - Who Is The Vault?

In the quest “Closing the Vault” Eivor will have to figure out who the Order of the Ancients member titled “The Vault” is. During a feast, Eivor can accuse either Hjorr, Faravid, Ricsige or Audun. The correct option is “Audun”. No matter who Eivor chooses, a cutscene will happen, revealing Audun as The Vault. Although this choice doesn’t affect the outcome, it’s still is a major point in the hunt for all members of the Order of the Ancients.

Eurvicscire Arc - Halfdan/Faravid Choice.

During the Eurvicscire Arc, Halfdan is convinced Favarid is betraying him. At the end of the arc, Halfdan will confront Faravid and Eivor will be given two options, “You’re insane, Halfdan” or “Stand down or fight me, Faravid”. If Eivor chooses the first option, Halfdan will grow angry and exile Faravid from Jorvik. If the latter option is chosen, Eivor will fight Faravid and Halfdan executes him. It is unknown which choice is the best so it’s a case of player's preference.

Glowecestrescire Arc - Kill or Spare Modron and Cynon?

In the Glowcestrescire Arc, Eivor is given the choice to kill not one but two characters. The first is Modron, who planned Tewdwr’s kidnapping. After engaging in a fight, Eivor can either kill or spare Modron. If Modron is killed, her daughter shows up and gives Eivor a creepy threat. If Modron is spared, she reunites with her daughter and nothing further comes from her. The next task is whether you kill or ‘spare’ Cynon. The two options are “Prepare to die” or “You’ll die in the wicker man”, so even if Eivor spares him, he will die in the wicker man regardless.

Snotinghamscire Arc - Recruit Vili as Jomsviking.

A few choices come along the way to gaining Vili as part of the Raven Clan. Snotinghamscire needs a new Jarl and it's between Vili or Trygve. After the death of Hemming Jarl, Trygve threatens to burn himself alive to follow his Jarl. Eivor will confront him with the options “Snotinghamscire can’t lose another” or “Do as you must, Trygve”. If Eivor allows Trygve to burn himself to death “Do as you must, Trygve” then Vili will have to be Jarl so “Snotinghamscire can’t lose another” is the best choice. After, Eivor gets to decide who will be the next Jarl. The best choice is Trygve so Vili can join Eivor and the Raven Clan.

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