Animal Crossing: New Horizons - A New Exciting Update Brings Mario and Other Seasonal Items to Your Island!

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo has prepared a new free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that brings an array of new game-themed items to the players’ islands. The update will also contain items inspired by various other seasonal events and customs happening in March. What exactly can the players expect?

Create a Mario Level on Your Island!

New fashion items coming with the update will allow your character to dress up as one of the beloved characters from Mario Brothers. The costumes showcased in the update trailer were Mario, Luigi, Wario and Princess Peach. 

Among the new pieces of furniture are the iconic Super Mushroom and the Question Block. The trailer also showcased the Brick Blocks, Coins, Stars, Shells and Thwomps. Through a screen capture of the Nook Shopping page, the trailer hinted that the Fire Flowers will be coming as well. If you want to turn a part of your island (or maybe the entirety of it?) into a Mario level, you will be able to do it from the beginning to the very end since the new catalogue will not leave out the Flagpole that marks the finish of each level. Perhaps the most exciting new feature coming thanks to the update is Warp Pipes, though. These will work just like the ones in Mario Bros and allow the player to travel from one location on the island to another instantaneously. Aside from recreating the Mario levels, this item opens so many possibilities for creativity in the island design - we are excited to see what the players come up with! 

animal crossing level

Image credit: Nintendo

The new items will also include some cool additions to your home: the Mushroom mural, Block Flooring, Lakitu’s Cloud Rug and Yoshi’s Egg Rug.

The free update comes out on February 25th, although unfortunately, the players will need to wait for the Mario-themed items to be available through Nook Shopping till March 1st. To make the wait a little easier, Nintendo will send the Mushroom mural as a thank-you gift for the players, who will find it in their mailboxes after downloading the update.  

More Seasonal Items Are Coming in the New Animal Crossing Update


March 3 is a Japanese festival called Hinamatsuri. It is also called a Doll’s Day or a Girl’s Day, and it features platforms covered with red materials displaying ornamental dolls. Along with a blossom lantern, the same platform will come to the shop from February 25th. If you want to collect all of the Hinamatsuri items, you will need to log in to the game daily till March 1st - in that time, there will be one item from the collection a day for sale, and the selection will change every day.  

 animal crossing hinamatsuri

Image credit: Nintendo

Pi Day

On March 14, many people celebrate Pi day. Since Pi begins with 3.14, it is natural that this date (3/14) is dedicated to this mathematical constant. As part of the celebrations, players will pick up a pie decorated with the Pi symbol from Resident Services. 

animal crossing pi day

Image credit: Nintendo 

Shamrock Day

March 17th marks Shamrock Day in Animal crossing (The term “Shamrock” is used in the game rather than "St. Patrick’s"). The players will get access to the seasonal items celebrating this holiday from February 25.


The newest update will bring so many interesting items in the next few weeks! Which parts are you the most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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