Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and it's time for the Hearts Wild event. Fortnite's Season 5 is going great and the quests for week 11 are all about love. One of this week's quest is to find and deliver Grimble's Love Potion. This may sound easy but only if you know where to go. To avoid wasting your time, here is a guide on where to find the three potions of the event and where to deliver them.

Fornite Grimble's Love Potion Locations

Grimble the Gnome is the creator of this love potion and he is asking to deliver one of them to one of the two possible locations. But let's get to the point. Where are these love potions hidden? You can find the Love Potion at three locations on the Minecraft map: Coral Cove, Fort Crumpet, and Stealthy Stronghold. So, once you have found the love potion at one of these locations, you should deliver it to another location: Shanty Town or Slurpy Swamp. So basically, it is up to you to choose one of these locations based on where you want to land on the Fortnite map.

fortnite grimbleslovepotion location

Fort Crumpet love potion location

One of the three locations for this challenge is Fort Crumpet, the abandoned military fort northwest of Sweaty Sands and south of Coral Cove. Once you arrived at this castle, you should head to the main building. The love potion is located at the ground level of the central tower. Inside there is a fenced small room with a table and some chairs, behind an informative plaque. The potion is located on this table and you just have to interact with the potion to collect it. 

fortnite grimbleslovepotion2

Stealthy Stronghold love potion location

The second location where you find Grimble's love potion is Stealthy Stronghold. To find it, approach the area from southwest and head to the center of the Stronghold. Here there is a stone building in ruins, like a small tower, near to the crashed plane on a tree. The potion is located inside this turret, at the ground level. You will recognize it easily because the love potion is surrounded by bushes and near a chest

fortnite grimbleslovepotion stronghold

Coral Cove love potion location

The third and last location is maybe the easiest of all, although they are all pretty easy and quick to find. Head to Coral Castle and on the west side of the castle, you will find a green hill. So just search for a giant conch shrine on the hill, you can't miss this path because is surrounded by face-shaped stones. Go around to the back of the shell and there you will find the love potion, just lying there and waiting for you to collect it.

fortnite grimbleslovepotion coralcove

Where do you have to deliver Grimble's love potion?

Now that you have collected Grimble's love potion, it is time to deliver it to the two possible locations: Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town. And, luckily these locations are pretty close to the collecting points. At Slurpy Swamp and Shanty Town, you will find empty jars outlined with which you can interact to drop the potion. Once you have delivered the potion, you should receive 40.000 XP for the trouble of both missions.

fortnite grimbleslovepotion deliverpoints

Slurpy Swamp love potion deliver location

Slurpy Swamp is easily located southwest on the Fortnite map. At Slurpy Swamp you will find a quite big factory building, the northeast building of the complex. On the second floor of the building, you should head to one of the lab rooms where there are Slurp barrels. If you can't find it, just look for a bear inside an isolation chamber. And there it is! Inside this laboratory room, there is an empty jar with which you can interact and deliver the love potion. Break the window and get inside the room to deliver Grimble's potion.

fortnite grimbleslovepotion slurpyswamp

Shanty Town love potion deliver location

The last location of this mission is Shanty Town, located west of Slurpy Swamp and near the coast of the Fortnite map. Once you arrived here, head to the southeast corner of the building and keep an eye on the windows. On one of the windows, you will find another teddy bear near an empty jar silhouetted. As it happens before, you just have to interact with the jar to deliver the love potion. 

fortnite grimbleslovepotion shantytown

That's the Grimble's love potion quests for Valentine's Day event in Fornite. Have you completed this mission already? Let us know in the comments.

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