Who is Regis? this mysterious persona is very important in The Witcher plot. We've gathered some of the most important answers around topic - Who is Regis in The Witcher 3.

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Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy, better known simply as Regis, was a very powerful higher vampire, and more than four hundred years old when he first met Geralt of Rivia.

He was the barber-surgeon of Dillingen. He was very well educated and could be considered a polymath, knowing about many different subjects.

Who is Regis?

Who is Regis in The Witcher 3

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Geralt and his traveling companions first met the vampire in the necropolis of Fen Carn, although they did not initially realize his true nature. After inviting the group to spend the night at his nearby cabin, he decided to join Geralt and his companions on their journey.

Even Geralt's medallion did not give the vampire away, and it was only sometime later that they realized that Regis was indeed a vampire. Although the companions had their initial doubts about him, Regis became a good and trusted friend.

Who is Regis in The Witcher 3 Game?

Regis has a significant impact on the Blood and Wine sequel. Regis was killed by Vilgefortz, but the vampire Dettlaff van der Eretein discovered his remains.

Dettlaff brought the other vampire back to health with considerable amounts of his own blood and patience. After a period of separation, Regis found himself in Brugge and left for his former residence in Dillingen.

Regis enjoyed the respect of his neighbors while leading a tranquil life as a rural healer and surgeon there. Regis discovered one day that Dettlaff had been assassinating significant court figures in Toussaint.

Who is Regis

Credits: CD Projekt RED

Beast of Toussaint

The upper vampire was fighting with Geralt, who had been hired to slay the alleged "Beast of Toussaint," when Regis eventually located Dettlaff in a warehouse.

To stop any further harm, Regis steps in between them and puts himself in harm's way. He convinces Dettlaff to leave by referring to the witcher as his buddy and recovers swiftly from the wound the other vampire inflicted on him.

Regis says he's there to find out why Dettlaff is killing seasoned knights, and he's glad to see his old friend Geralt again.

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Solving the Mystery

By helping Geralt create "Resonance," a potion with narcotic-like properties that could provide visions of what Dettlaff was planning and other insights into his patterns, Regis is able to assist Geralt.

However, the potion requires vampire blood in an agitated state, so Geralt had to incite Regis into a blood-lust frenzy to obtain the necessary ingredient. Regis assists Geralt in luring Dettlaff out into the open when Dettlaff summons vampires to attack the residents of Touissant as vengeance for Syanna's incarceration.

Regis aided Geralt in realizing that Syanna, the woman Dettlaff was in love with, was the mastermind behind the murders.

Regardless, Geralt was able to lure Dettlaff to where he and Regis were, where Regis made an effort to reason with his old friend. Dettlaff beat Regis, and Geralt later conquered Dettlaff. Regis unwillingly put an end to Dettlaff's life because only a vampire can truly end another vampire's life.

Regis talks with Geralt one final time before departing Toussaint after Geralt receives his reward for successfully completing the contract. Because the other higher vampires had learned of Regis' assassination of Dettlaff and because it is clearly against the law for one vampire to kill another, it was no longer safe for Regis to stay in the duchy.

However, Regis reassures a concerned Geralt that vampires also follow the unspoken rule that he's safe as long as he stays away. There were plenty of ways to solve the puzzle, for example, visiting an elderly unseen vampire or just letting Detlaff go, one described before is the most canon and the most common as players choose.

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