It is no mistake that every season of Call of Duty Warzone has had its fair share of broken overpowered weapons that become the "meta". The term meta was created in the Call of Duty community when a gun overtakes the game and is used by most players to gain a competitive advantage over casual Call of Duty Warzone players. To put it straight, if you don't use the meta you will end up dying to it one way or the other.

Warzone Current Meta Weapons - AUG and FFAR 1


The current meta of Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Season 2 are the AUG and FFAR. These two guns are used by the top streamers in the game and currently terrorize gold and silver lobbies. Warzone sees itself in another tactical rifle meta yet again with the AUG being a three-shot burst assault rifle with heavy damage medium and close range. Though the damage range on the AUG is much less than that of the AMAX, there are more players rocking a fully maxed out AUG at the moment. 

The FFAR is the perfect gun to have in your back pocket as it shreds at medium to close range gunfights and currently beats out the MAC-10 in time to kill. The only caveat with the FFAR is less mobility so sprinting and moving around the map is a bit slower than if you were to run an SMG secondary. This loadout will have you killing all throughout Verdansk and be in tune with the current Warzone meta. Just make sure to drop some assault rifle bullets for your teammates! 

Past Tactical Rife Metas in Warzone

DMR 14

Just this past season we saw the DMR 14 be the only used gun because of its ability to have no damage drop off at long distances as well as a fairly controllable recoil pattern. Historically, Activision and Raven Software are very in tune with the Call of Duty community when it comes to fixing overpowered guns. They do this in two ways: nerfing the gun so that its stats are not the same as they were before or buffing other guns making it insignificant to use. Now you can see how this is a recurring cycle as more guns added into the game and gun testers in the Call of Duty community hunt to find the next meta. 


Considered to be the OG of the tactical rifles, the M16 hits just as hard as the AUG and has a good amount of players that still run it as a primary. It is not that the M16 fell off, it just saw many players move over to the AUG once a mid-season update came out and buffed the AUG's damage range a bit more than the M16. The benefit of the M16 over the AUG is the ability to control recoil much easier at long distances because of its vertical recoil pattern.

Let us know in the comment section whatever team you are on either AUG or M16 and check out some more of our Call of Duty Black Ops Warzone content here.  

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