Sul-sul! I hope you came ready and prepared for my The Sims 4: Snowy Escape review!

Even though it isn’t the latest pack to be released, Snowy Escape is still very much debated about. Is it good? Does it suck? What does it truly bring to the table? 

And most importantly: is it worth my money? If these are the questions roaming around your mind, keep reading to find more info about Snowy Escape!

TS4: Snowy Escape - What Does It Introduce?

A Brand New World

To start you off, Snowy Escape introduced a new world, Mt. Komorebi

Mt. Komorebi is the only TS4 world that features both residential and rental lots, which means that you can both live and vacation there with your sim family. 

ts4 snowyescape 3

Featuring three separate neighborhoods, Mt. Komorebi introduces you to: Wakaba, the “new” part of the world, which features the Festival of Youth; Senbamachi, the oldest region of the world and Yakimatsu, where you can snowboard, sled, and ski on your vacation. 

Mt. Komorebi easily became my new favorite world to play in. Both breathtaking and full of interactive spots, it’s surely going to soar to the top of your list as well. 

Two (Recycled) Traits

TS4 is notorious for releasing packs that substantially don’t include that much, and their weakest spot was always releasing new traits that would deepen the gameplay.

This pack features two new traits: adventurous and proper. 

Proper was previously seen in TS3: Supernatural, but what does it bring into Snowy Escape? Sims who love to dress up in formal wear, who are uncomfortable once they witness mean interactions… and that’s all. 

Bland as it sounds, I think that the good manners trait gained through TS4: Parenthood does the same thing. 

One more deja vu trait from TS3 is adventurous. A slightly better trait for your sim (in my opinion) is that they get bored with things easily and demand more versatility in their lives. 

A New Feature - Lifestyles

Lifestyles are definitely the upgrade. While they do take time to develop through performing various lifestyle-related actions, they really help you flesh out your sim and their interests.

This feature is truly unique because it shows that EA is listening to the critiques that they received. 

After all, Simmers have been asking for something to develop and evolve their gameplay intricately, and lifestyles hit the jackpot!

Everything Your Sims Can Do

Snowy Escape did not come to play. It offers many activities your Sims can engage in - hiking, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, rock climbing, and soaking in the Onsen bathhouse. 

ts4 snowyescape 2

Aside from these activities, your sims can enjoy sharing a hot pot with their closest friends, which has quickly become my favorite thing to do in-game.

It doesn’t stop there: there are two new aspirations, which are: Mt. Komorebi Sightseer (Location) and Extreme Sports Enthusiast (Athletic), both heavily influenced by the new world.

So… Is Snowy Escape Worth It?

Now, to tackle the burning question - yes, it absolutely is. The main features that I mentioned before basically both affect the gameplay and the quality of it. 

It definitely is more immersive for the players which were starved for some depth. 

The pack also includes a lot of CAS novelties, as well as build/buy intricacies that the players can enjoy. But overall, Snowy Escape is definitely a pack that you’ll enjoy and play for a long time!

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