As more and more people get the PS5 and subscribe to PS Plus, more and more people will get to experience the massively underrated 2019 gem, Days Gone, and giving it the second chance it definitely deserves. When it first released, it was admittedly buggy and suffered from low framerates, however now, with the power of Sony’s new console, Days Gone run as a silky smooth 60 FPS. Nullifying some of the criticism it honestly deserved as it could drop into the low 20s.

Days Gone Horde Locations Guide

Days Gone is set in rural Oregon and the unequivocal biggest threat to you are the Hordes. These huge swarms of Freakers that hibernate during the day in humming, dark and terrifying caves and buildings, but will all go hunting at nightfall, it can honestly be heart racing sight when you first see a horde of hundreds of these zombie-Esque monsters walking by. There is absolutely nothing that can stand a chance against them except an armed to the teeth biker with a skill set that would even the toughest of zombie slayers to shame.

Now, we do not recommend attempting to fight these hordes until you’re at least equipped with an automatic weapon as 50 freaks vs 10 bullets doesn’t seem like a fair fight. So here are some of the best tips you can have to take down these armies while also running at 60 FPS (honestly, it is really impressive how the framerate holds up when there are over 100 character models on screen).

The Best Tips You Would Ever Want

  • If and when they discover you, run: If you just know that you aren’t ready to take a Horde and they discover you while you’re patrolling about, get as far away as you can from there and as fast as you can. If you’re on foot, you can certainly try running towards the motorcycle but the moment you start it, they will probably rip you to pieces. Take advantage of the fact that the enemies are just A.I, and make sure that as soon as they lose sight of you for a few seconds, you can hide your friendly neighborhood bush or its less useful but very clutch friend, the bin. 
  • Height advantage, all day, every day: This applies to pretty much everything relating to combat in any game, especially in this game where one of your primary objectives is crowd control, this is especially useful if you know the only route they could climb and you know where to flee.
  • Plan the attack: Once you have some adequate equipment, you can plan your attack like a trap door, in this case, with literal traps. If you see a Horde and they’re walking into "funnel" point, you can set traps like mines or better yet, throw a sequence of attractors and then grenades, this will take out a significant chunk because, at the end of the day, they are A.I. The best location you can do this from is from a nearby bush. Make sure it’s not too close though. 
  • Don't try to face them head-on, at least not until you have late-game weapons and stats, because in Days Gone, you can't simply stand in one spot, take aim, and fire (this isn’t Resident Evil 4). These hordes will overwhelm you very quickly and if you’re not on your toes, you can kiss your bike goodbye.
  • Do not attract them into your fortress of solitude: The Bush: as aforementioned, bushes are your best friends, and whenever you see a couple of freaks getting too close for comfort, throw an attractor to lure them away from you. Or very carefully headshot them with a silenced weapon.

Remember that you might find the Hordes (or better said, they’ll find you) at the most inopportune time. As a general rule of thumb, be prepared at all times when playing Days Gone because when this wants to treat you nicely, it will promise nothing and deliver even less. 

Horde Locations in Days Gone

Now, you may wonder where can you face these hordes (the crazy people want this), well, down below is a very helpful list of where you can find them. If you struggle to find them, just walk around at night and they’ll find you.

  • Death Train Horde (3%): This will be the first Horde you will officially face. You will do it during You give me a couple of days.
  • Westfir Horde (5%) - Find out where one of the Lost Lake hordes is hiding and how to kill it.
  • Chemult School Horde (8%): ​​This Horde blocks access to a NERO checkpoint, and we tell you the best way to eliminate it.
  • I've only seen you (10%): (story related) accompany Kouri to eliminate Chemult's Horde.
  • The Protector (12%): Go west of Iron Butte and eliminate a Horde in order to reach the resort.
  • Patjens Lakes Horde (15%): Destroy the Horde northwest of Hot Springs.
  • Bear Creek Horde (18%): A small Horde north of Belknap.
  • Lava Arch Horde (20%): A tiny Horde that hides in the caves east of Belknap.
  • Belknap Crater Horde (23%): A small Horde in the barren mountains of Belknap.
  • Marion Forks Horde (25%): A medium-sized horde in the cave near the village.
  • Shadow Lake Horde (28%): A horde located at the lake north of Belknap.
  • Twin Craters Horde (30%) - The last Horde in Belknap, south of the region.
  • Little Bear Lake Horde (33%): A small Horde west of Cascade that hides in a cabin during the day.
  • O'Leary Mountain(35%): A small Horde on the northern hill of the Cascade refuge.
  • White King Mine Horde (38%) - A small horde located north of Cascade.
  • Horse Lake Horde (40%): A small Horde that resides near the Cascade Dam.
  • Grotto Caves Horde (43%): Another horde located on the edge of the dam in the direction of the graveyard.
  • Cascade Highway Horde (45%) - A the Horde near Copeland's camp.
  • Proxy Falls Horde (48%) - The last Horde in Cascade, located to the east, near a waterfall.
  • River Flow Horde (50%): A Horde that follows the train tracks near the farm.
  • Camp Sherman Horde (52%): After going to the town with Iron Mike, the horde spawns afterward.
  • Metolius Lava Cave Horde (55%) - Travel north of Lost Lake.
  • Wapintia Road Horde (58%) - Find the Horde southwest of the swamp.
  • Berley Lake Horde (60%): Located south of Lost Lake, by the main lake.
  • I'll leave you something (62%): (story related) Go to the sawmill and exterminate the biggest Horde in the game.
  • Mount Bailey Horde (65%) - The Crater Lake Horde located beside Diamond Lake.
  • McLeod Ridge Horde (68%): Another Horde that is north of Crater Lake.
  • Solomon Hill Horde (70%): A Horde located in the tunnel that connects 97 with Crater Lake.
  • Rimview Ranch Horde (73%): The last Crater Lake Horde is located close to the main road.
  • Lobert Draw Ridge Horde (75%) - One of the largest Hordes hides next to an abandoned train.
  • Juniper Ridge Horde (78%): There is a slightly smaller Horde than the previous one following the train tracks.
  • Rum Rye Ravine Horde (80%): A second Horde near the Chemult school.
  • Friendship Ridge Horde (83%) - A Horde that hides within the walls of an abandoned shed.
  • Groose Gardens Horde (85%): A horde located in the little houses.
  • Chemult Station Horde (88%): A horde located inside the Chemult train station.
  • Cascade Lakes Railroad Horde (90%): Located around the railroad itself.
  • Beaver Marsh Service Area Horde (93%) - One of the last Hordes that is located in some cabins in the mountains.
  • Mount Scott Horde (95%): A Horde located near a bridge in the mountains of 97.
  • Sagebrush Point Horde (98%): The located in the mountains on Highway 97.
  • Beasley Lake Horde (100%): Finally, the last Horde is located northeast of highway 97.
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