With Floor 5 of Spiral Abyss being the first one with 2 teams, it might be more challenging than the first four floors as more characters need to be well-built to gain all 3 stars. Before the release of Xiao in 1.3, you might want to grind the Spiral Abyss to get primogems for your wishes. This article will detail the tips for Floor 5 of Spiral Abyss, and how to benefit off the specific Ley Line Disorder to get all the possible rewards. 

Floor 5 Tips

The Ley Line Disorder for this floor makes it important for you to bring a healer for each party, as your ATK, DEF and ATK speed is increased. It might be difficult to dodge attacks, particularly due to the Hilichurl shooters and the Treasure Hoarder Potioneers that are ranged attack enemies. Hence, healers are needed for both halves of the floor so that you can finish the floor in time to get all 3 stars. 

Party Setup 

I have included 2 party setups, for one with mostly F2P available characters and another that includes 5 star characters. For the first half of the floor 5, bring a Pyro character and an Electro character to break the shields of Cryo slimes and a Cryo character for the Fatui Electro Cicin Mage. In the second half, bring a Hydro character to break the Pyro Abyss Mages shields. If possible you can also bring a character with a shield such as Noelle, Xinyan, Diona, Zhongli, such that you will not take damage from the ranged enemies. The double Pyro setup for the first half allows for an increased attack, while the double Hydro setup gives increased incoming healing, which could be more beneficial if you do not have characters with shields. 

floor5 f2p

This is the Free to Play setup above, I would recommend bringing Xiangling and Barbara particularly in the first and second halves of floor 5 to break the shields. For each setup, ensure that you bring a Main DPS, here it can be Chongyun, using Xiangling and Fischl as a Sub DPS and Bennett for Utility. In the second half, Kaeya can be used as Main DPS, Lisa and Xingqiu as Sub DPS and Barbara as Utility. 

floo5 nonf2p

This is the non-Free to Play setup, where Keqing is Main DPS, Xinyan is Sub DPS and Sucrose helps to group enemies, which is particularly helpful for Floor 5 Chamber 2. For the second half, Childe is the Main DPS, with Fischl and Xingqiu as Sub DPS and Diona as Utility. 

I have included my own setup below: 

floor5 setup

Hope this guide has been informative and helpful! I will be writing more guides for the remaining upper floors of Spiral Abyss that require 2 teams, do let us know in the comments if there are other guides you are interested in!

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