In this article, I will present you PoE Delirium Everywhere Builds that will be suitable for the event. In this case, you will need something tanky to comfortably run mirrors of delirium.

Path of Exile is a hack–and–slash game that every three months have a new league released that adds new content to the game.

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This time the release date has been delayed and to fill the hole that was created due to the rescheduling of the new league we have events.

PoE Delirium Everywhere Builds

#5 Reap

Build not exactly tanky but with huge damage that can tank most things with enough investment. This is a very expensive build so I wouldn't recommend it for an event but if you want to test how it works in the early game this event might actually be a good testing ground. The skill throws a Scythe in front that spins around and does damage.


  • Awesome scaling
  • Smooth leveling
  • Quiet tanky
  • Unusual starter


  • Hard to balance resistance with health points
  • Required unique items
  • Very expensive
  • A lot of respecs

Leveling and End Game PoB:

Cold version of the build:

#4 Vortex

Vortex is a skill that creates a cold circle at your feet and stays for a while. It deals damage to enemies and you are safe from it. This build does damage over time so it is given not to be fit for everyone.

Pros of the build:

  • Tanky
  • Decent single target
  • One button play
  • Decent early damage
  • Immunity to chaos damage

Cons of the build:

  • Can be expensive with upgrades
  • Walking simulator
  • Not the fastest mapper
  • Damage over time playstyle

Starting PoB:

Low Life Conversation:

#3 Spectral Helix

Champion ascendency gives you a ton of defense that makes you tanky enough to do delirium at a high percentage. Spectral helix is a strong starter that throws a spectral copy of a melee weapon that spins around flying in a large spiral. It bounces off on contact with a wall.


  • Beginner friendly
  • High damage with low investment
  • Tanky
  • Suitable for Solo Self Found


  • People find this playstyle "clunky"
  • Doesn't scale as well as other meta builds

PoB for event or league starter

#2 Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire is a skill that puts you in the flames and creates a circle around you that deals to you and enemies within reach damage equivalent to % of your health points. You will need a lot of life regeneration in your gear and skill tree.

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This build is going to be hard for first-timers so I recommend checking other options for PoE Delirium Everywhere Builds before playing it. 

Pros of the build:

  • Very decent mapper
  • Nice single-target damage
  • Has room to upgrade
  • Immunity to ailments
  • Tanky

Cons of the build:

  • Walking simulator
  • Upgrading can be expensive
  • Actually in meta so items can be quite expensive

Starting PoB:

Basically everything about Righteous Fire

PoE Delirium Everywhere Builds

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

#1 Poisonous Concoction

Poisonous Concoction is a very tricky skill to play. Normally you would need a weapon that boosts your skill to do massive damage but in this case, you are literally forbidden to equip a weapon, because the skill won't be able to cast. This skill scales with a life flask which you need to have. It is a very strong mapper and works really well in delirium encounters.

Pros of the build:

  • Simple leveling
  • Cheap to make all content
  • Pretty tanky for a ranger
  • No need to activate flasks, it works automatically
  • Nice single-target damage
  • Comfortable to play

Cons of the build:

  • Poison playstyle (not for everyone)
  • Survivability in the early stages is not as good as it sounds (needs gear upgrades)
  • Fully automatic flasks need some investments
  • No weapon means 3 less sockets

Leveling PoB:

PoB you are aiming for:

And that's all about the PoE Delirium Everywhere Builds. You can go and try it before the event starts. Stay good, exile.

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