Templar ascendencies are not exactly in the meta but are very powerful let's go and take a look at PoE Top Templar Builds.

Path of Exile is a hack–and–slash game that every three months have a new league released that adds new content to the game.

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The Forbidden Sanctum is with us for a while now so let's jump to the list and check the most popular build for the templar and remember that those builds are not cheap.

PoE Top Templar Builds

#3 Shockwave Totem Hierophant

Shockwave Totem is a spell skill. It summons a totem that releases shockwaves that deal physical damage around it. As the damage is Physical, it will not benefit from Elemental Spell Damage nodes. Because Shockwave Totem deals physical damage it can be boosted by supports and passive skills that are more commonly used to modify attacks, such as the Added Fire Damage support gem, or passive skills which grant Physical Damage with no other qualifier, such as Path of the Warrior. As skills cast by the totem are affected by all modifiers affecting the player, the knockback distance also gets increased by your passives.

Pros of the build:

  • Great single target
  • Awesome scaling due to the totem number
  • Pretty tanky

Cons of the build:

  • Slow mapper
  • Can't hit the target you want. You need to depend on the totem's target choice.

PoB of The Build

PoE Top Templar Builds

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

#2 Cyclone Cast on Critical Strike Inquisitor

Cyclone is a channeling melee attack skill that rapidly hits all enemies in a circular area around the player. Cyclone gains stages during channeling that increase its base radius. The player can move while channeling Cyclone.

Cast on Critical Strike (commonly referred to as CoC) is a support gem that causes linked spells to trigger when the player scores a critical strike with the attack skill it is linked to.

Pros of the build:

  • Great single target
  • Can do most of the content
  • Awesome Scaling
  • Comfortable mapping
  • Extremely tanky

Cons of the build:

  • Hard to build the build
  • Low variety of items

PoB of The Build

#1 Spark Inquisitor

Spark is a lightning spell that launches unpredictable sparks that move randomly until they hit an enemy. Spark duration determines how long spark projectiles will persist and is increased by both skill duration passives and support. Spark projectiles will bounce off of terrain obstructions and edges for as long as they persist. If a spark projectile strikes a mob, it will be absorbed unless it can pierce.

Pros of the build:

  • Awesome single target
  • Simple gameplay
  • Huge area of effect
  • Great mapper

Cons of the build:

  • Quiet squishy
  • Single target damage depends on the size of the boss room (The smaller the better)

Pob of The Build


And that would be all for PoE Top Templar Builds. The builds were taken from the poe.ninja website. Now go and get fun with the builds that were presented to you above, Stay Good Exile!

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