Marauder ascendencies are not exactly in the meta but are very tanky and after a huge investment can also do damage so let's take a look at PoE Top Marauder Builds.

Path of Exile is a hack–and–slash game that every three months have a new league released that adds new content to the game.

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The Forbidden Sanctum is with us for a while now so let's jump to the list and check the most popular build for the marauder and remember that those builds are not cheap.

PoE Top Marauder Builds

#3 Boneshatter Juggernaut

Boneshatter is a melee attack skill that strikes enemies forcefully and also hurts you. Successive uses will raise the damage dealt both to enemies and you. Stunning an enemy with the strike releases a damaging pulse.

Pros of the build:

  • Great single target
  • Awesome scaling
  • Pretty tanky

Cons of the build:

  • Slow mapper

PoB of The Build

PoE Top Marauder Builds

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

#2 General's Cry Berserker

General's Cry is a warcry skill that taunts nearby enemies and summons a number of mirage warriors from nearby corpses based on the power of nearby enemies and corpses. Mirage warriors deliver an exerted attack once with the linked trigger skill then disappear. The gem has two parts, General's Cry the active skill and the closely associated General's Cry Support.

General's Cry is played alongside Shield Crash and Blade Flurry

Pros of the build:

  • Fine single target
  • Extremely tanky thanks to the huge armour number
  • Awesome Scaling
  • Decent mapping

Cons of the build:

  • Off–meta build
  • Can be expensive to scale

PoB of The Build

#1 Righteous Fire And Fire Trap Juggernaut

Righteous Fire is a spell that applies a buff on the player, rapidly burning the player and nearby enemies. The damage dealt scales with your Life and Energy Shield amount. It also grants more spell damage to the user while active.

Fire Trap throws a trap that explodes when triggered, leaving an area of burning ground that damages enemies who walk through it.

Pros of the build:

  • Extremely tanky
  • Medicare single target
  • Simple gameplay
  • Good mapper

Cons of the build:

  • Not the fastest build
  • Low mobility

Pob of The Build


And that would be all for PoE Top Marauder Builds. The builds were taken from the website. Now go and get fun with the builds that were presented to you above, Stay Good Exile!

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