The True Final Millennium Tower is the hardest, most brutal gauntlet in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The advisory before starting the Tower suggests that the player have Level 99 and Job Level 90 on all characters before attempting this tower.

While it is doable and requires a deep understanding of the combat system, enemy weaknesses, damage types, and stats, chances are players will still struggle with it.

True Final Millennium Tower Pre-Requisites

  • It is highly recommended to complete the Business Management mini-game all the way to rank 1 to unlock the best move in the game for Ichiban - Essence of Orbital Laser, and to unlock Eri as a party member

  • Another thing that should be done before attempting this tower is to max out Ichi’s personality stats to build up a resistance to status ailments. If he is asleep, brainwashed, paralyzed, stunned, silenced, or fearful, it could mean getting OHKO’d and being sent back to the main menu. The Bracelet of the Four Gods accessory item can also mitigate this effectively as it nullifies all physical and mental ailments, making it so that he never misses his turn. This is essential in order to survive. If you need help with this, you can follow our guide on how to max out Ichi's stats.

  • Raising everyone’s bond levels to the highest helps with leveling them up efficiently while preparing for this tower, and unlocks certain classes for them.

  • This video is useful for finding items that help in leveling up Character and Job ranks, personality traits, and bond levels.

  • This video is good for finding out how to level up efficiently and fast. Keep in mind that while it is not mentioned in the guide, the enemies are in Kamurocho Underground Dungeons on the lower floor. Progress through the first level of the dungeon until you reach the save point, and then take the stairs down to the next floor. You can also run away from the fights before you reach the group of enemies with the Invested Vagabond. It saves a lot of time, especially when you’re above level 80. [Our own guide on leveling will be available soon!]

  • Learning how to perfect guard can be detrimental to survival.

  • Upgrade the Romance Workshop to the highest level to be able to upgrade certain weapons to their EX versions. This requires about 22,000,000 Yen to get it all the way to rank 1, which shouldn’t be a problem with the Business minigame cashflow.


For this gauntlet, it is HIGHLY recommended you use the EX weapons. You can follow our guide on how to find them.



y7 ichi stats

Lvl 99

[HERO] Job lvl 94, [FOREMAN] Job lvl 66

Since Ichiban’s base Agility is low, another great Job to level up for him is Freelancer. All the skills that improve stats carry over to the characters themselves, so it is worth leveling up certain jobs to acquire a bunch of those stat boosts. The Hero class gives Ichiban Hero’s Embrace, which is a great healing ability. Hero’s Vigor, which lets you revive a fallen ally, is another fantastic ability to have. Some good offensive skills are Essence of Bonecrushing Bat, Bat Breaker, Megaton Throw, and Essence of Orbital Laser (takes up 200 MP but does an incredible amount of damage).


y7 saeko stats

Lvl 99

[IDOL] Job lvl 99, [HOSTESS] Job lvl 62

Being your dedicated healer and debuffer, Saeko is crucial at the start. Having a good amount of HP and MP, she can keep the whole party alive. [HOSTESS] gives her access to Ice Spreader, which is a decent skill for enemies weak to water type attacks. [IDOL] also gives her access to resurrection abilities, allowing a fallen ally to be revived in order to turn the tide of a battle. The skill Lovedrunk Typhoon is great as it lowers all the enemies’ defenses, and it might leave some of them charmed. Miracle Voice and Miracle Concert are great multiple ally healing abilities, and it is recommended to use them to heal between fights instead of consuming items. Miracle Voice is a good low MP focus healing ability for when only one person needs to be healed.

Han Joon-gi

y7 han stats

Lvl 99

[HITMAN] Job Lvl 99, [FORTUNE TELLER] Job Lvl 22, [ENFORCER] Job Lvl 62, [HOST] Job Lvl 28

[HITMAN] is the best class for Joon-gi as it gives very high agility and dexterity stats, allowing the coat-clad hitman to get multiple turns. Some great skills to use from this class are Essence of Phantom Drive (for enemies weak to blade), Stun Smash, and Poison Shot. However, the bread and butter move for pretty much the entirety of the tower is Fulminating Forecast from the [FORTUNE TELLER] Job. This move does an incredible amount of damage to most enemies, and affects 3 enemies at a time, with a high chance of leaving them paralyzed. Paralysis is an amazing debuff as it can cause enemies to skip turns, allowing the player to damage them again. Spamming Fulminating Forecast can prolong the paralysis debuff as well. However, some enemies become resistant to paralysis in the true tower (usually ones that don’t take that much damage from fulminating forecast and/or resist electric damage). Switch to other moves to exploit their weaknesses when that happens. Another great skill from [FORTUNE TELLER] is Soul Tether, which lets a fallen ally be revived. Since it is a character skill, it carries over regardless of what job you currently have. Joon-gi is an amazing DPS character, and he gives the player a lot of turns, making him a great character to apply buffs to your team or to deal an incredible amount of damage.

Koichi Adachi

y7 adachi stats

Lvl 99

[ENFORCER] Job lvl 99, [BODYGUARD] Job lvl 62

Adachi is a very heavy hitter. While he gets very few turns, he makes up for it by doing a great amount of damage. He’s very useful against enemies weak to electric and/or physical. The skill Paralysis Prongs does immense damage, and it hits twice. It is easy to miss with it, but when it connects it is very helpful. Electromagnetic Storm is another useful skill that deals a great amount of electric damage to all enemies, and Essence of Hell’s Wheel is a great physical option that damages all enemies.

Tianyou Zhao

y7 zhao stats

Lvl 99

[HOST] Job lvl 99, [FORTUNE TELLER] Job lvl 75, [GANGSTER] Job lvl 38

Zhao is a great water and fire type attacker, damaging all enemies. Very versatile, and incredibly useful for certain fights throughout the tower, he can deal damage and revive a fallen ally thanks to the [FORTUNE TELLER] Job. He also has access to Fulminating Forecast, which, as mentioned earlier, is a great move.

Kamataki Eri

y7 eri stats

Lvl 99

[CLERK] Job lvl 95, [NIGHT QUEEN] Job lvl 62

Eri is a fantastic blade user, making her a very valuable party member to fight against Kiryu and Amon. Her skills Papercut Reversal and Essence of Telephone Nunchaku deal a great amount of damage. Her high agility is also a great boon, giving your party more turns. Night Queen gives her access to Candle Rush, which is a good fire ability. Other good jobs to level her up in are [HOSTESS] for water type skills and/or [IDOL] for healing and revival skills.

Yu Nanba

y7 nanba stats

Lvl 99

[HOMELESS] Job lvl 99, [CHEF] Job lvl 62

Nanba’s Homeless Job gives him magic, fire and debuff skills. A great move against fire weak enemies is his bond skill Tag Team: Heat Buster. He also gets Essence of Resuscitation, allowing him to revive a fallen ally, as well as several healing skills. An alternate main job would be [CHEF], seeing as he gets a lot of fire and blade skills, which can be very handy in the tower. It also gives him a higher agility than max level in Homeless, which is great to have.


Important items to carry (I recommend you carry as many as you can of each of the following).

  • Tauriner
  • Tauriner +
  • Tauriner ++
  • Tauriner Maximum
  • Toughness
  • Toughness Z
  • Toughness ZZ
  • Toughness Infinity
  • Staminan Light
  • Staminan X
  • Staminan XX
  • Staminan Royale
  • Miracle Kimchi
  • Mental Supplements
  • All-Purpose Remedy
  • Restorative Medicine
  • Comforting Medicine
  • Full Recovery Medicine
  • First Aid Kit
  • Premium First Aid Kit
  • Restorative Bolus
  • Revival Bolus
  • Resurrection Bolus
  • Poseidon Power
  • Apple Defense
  • Muscle Soda
  • Guardian Water
  • Quickness Lemon
  • Sengoku Coffee
  • Kiwami Drink


Players can also grab snacks and bentos (there’s a bento that heals the whole party that can be crafted at Survive Bar) in case you wanna be over-prepared, but these items should more than comfortably see you through. You get a bunch of Staminan XX throughout the tower so you can use them a bit more liberally (just don’t use them all up). Remember that there are healing points at the end of Floors 3 and 5, and one at the beginning of Floor 6 so don’t hold back when you’re just a fight away from the boxes, and save your items after the fights by using these healing points.

Save Miracle Kimchi for the last fight, you can only carry 10 of them and you’ll need it for at least 3 members of your team (assuming you have Joon-gi active, who doesn’t really need it). You can unlock the vendor that sells Miracle Kimchi in Ijincho by completing sub quest #27 "The Miracle of Spice".

That should suffice for preparing for the True Final Millennium Tower. You can go ahead and attempt it now. But if you need more info, check out our floor-by-floor guide with enemy tips!

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