This guide details all the floors in the True Final Millennium Tower, and how to deal with the enemies present on each floor. If you need help preparing for this gauntlet, you can follow our guide on preparing for the True Final Millennium Tower. Let's dive right in!

Floor 1

2x Lvl 99 Subjugation-kun (weak to electric)

These guys are a good indicator of how comfortable your run will be. If you struggle with them a lot, chances are you’re not prepared enough, and you would definitely need to grind a bit more. Fulminating Forecast is a great way to keep damaging them and cause paralysis. They can taunt the whole team, so it is recommended to equip Comedy Masquerade (or other items that defend against status ailments like the Soulshield Bracelet) as accessories on your team. Use moves that damage all enemies. Orbital Laser, Electromagnetic Storm, and Fulminating Forecast should deal with these guys nicely.

Floor 2

Lvl 99 Dragon King (weak to water)

He’s in a side room, you can completely avoid him. He’s weak to water moves, so use whichever party member deals a good amount of water damage. I don’t advise fighting him, it is a waste of HP and MP.

Lvl 99 Master Six (weak to physical) and Lvl 99 Grand Slammer (weak to blade and electric)

This is a tricky fight. Not only can the Grand Slammer critical hit one-shot anyone with around 1400-1500 HP, but Master Six further buffs his damage. He can also put your whole party to sleep, making everyone easy pickings. Recommended accessories are Motivational Headbands on your party members with high agility and/or your healers to make sure they don’t fall asleep. Best to take out Master Six first as quickly as possible. If you go with Joon-gi, his Fulminating Forecast can paralyze Grand Slammer, making it easier for you to take out Master Six. Cast Peerless Resolve as soon as Ichi gets his turn, and keep your party fully healed. Once Master Six is down, keep the Grand Slammer paralyzed and use electric or blade attacks to take him out.

Lvl 99 Scarredface (weak to blade) and Lvl 99 Chinese Mafia Officer (weak to guns and electric)

As always, a good starting move is Fulminating Forecast from Joon-gi. This has a good chance of paralyzing the Chinese Mafia Officer. He takes a lot of damage from electric moves, so take him out first. Paralysis Prongs does an incredible amount of damage to him. With him out of the way, focus on Scarredface with blade moves.

Lvl 85 Saejima (weak to water)

Being the absolute tank that he is, he can and most likely will knock someone out with a shoulder charge. Even worse if he manages to hit two people. Cast Peerless Resolve as soon as possible and spam him with water moves such as Ice Spreader. Don’t even bother using physical moves or blade moves, he will resist them all. Fulminating Forecast can still damage him. Recommended to have Saeko, Joon-gi, and Zhao as your team against him (your members might vary depending on the jobs you have on each member). Just don’t bring anyone with physical moves as their main set.

Floor 3

Lvl 99 Ironclad Chef (weak to physical and water) and Lvl 99 Flash Mobber (weak to fire and water)

They can both be paralyzed, and they both take decent damage from Fulminating Forecast. It is recommended to alternate that with water moves that damage all enemies. Their guys shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Lvl 99 Juggle-O (weak to fire) and Lvl 99 Maneating Loan Shark (weak to water)

This can be a tricky fight. They both do a lot of damage, and they don’t have a common weakness. Keep in mind, electric moves can do a decent amount of damage to Juggle-O, but it is better to use fire. Maneating Loan Shark can inflict a bunch of mental status ailments, so keep those mental supplements handy. A brainwashed ally will attack party members, and you don’t want that. Juggle-O will attempt to inflict several status ailments, but between Saeko, Joon-gi and Zhao, they were quite resistant to everything he put out so it shouldn’t be a problem. But in case he manages to inflict a status ailment, take care of it with an item asap.

Lvl 99 Scarred Yakuza (weak to blade and water) and Lvl 99 Undertaker (weak to electric)


From the room where you fought the Juggle-O and Loan Shark, enter the next room and immediately hug the right wall, running along with it to the other side. If done correctly, the enemies will detect you but they won’t be able to stop you. Immediately go through the doors on the other side to initiate the fight in the next room. This is important as it can save you time and resources.

If you somehow fail to skip this fight, keep in mind that the Scarred Yakuza can summon a subordinate. Use fulminating forecast to keep the undertaker paralyzed, and to do a good amount of damage to him. The subordinate yakuza is pretty weak, around level 55. He’ll die pretty fast if you focus on him. Once they’re out of the way, take out the Scarred Yakuza with blade and water moves.

Lvl 99 Forsaken Samurai (weak to electric) and 2x Lvl 99 Nameless (weak to physical and electric)

Fulminating Forecast spam. That’s pretty much it. Orbital Laser will do a huge amount of damage to them as well. Electromagnetic Storm a third, really good option. Go all out in this fight as there is a healing point right after this fight.

Floor 4

Lvl 99 Urbane Legend (weak to electric and water) and Lvl 99 Emperor of Funk (weak to blade, water and fire)

electric does very little damage to Emperor of Funk, but it does a great amount of damage to Urbane Legend. Urbane hits harder than Emperor, however, Emperor hits more times so they are both dangerous. Water moves that damage all enemies like Essence of Champagne Wave are great for this fight. Urbane is squishier, so take him out first and then focus on Emperor.

Lvl 99 Edison of Anarchy (weak to blade and electric) and 2x Lvl 99 Tinkersman (weak to blade and electric)

These guys can easily get paralyzed. On the occasion that they resist it or attack through paralysis, they mainly do status inflicting moves like cryogenerator and heatwave that cause cold or burn respectively. Electric moves that damage all enemies should be sufficient for this fight.

Lvl 85 Majima

He’s weak to fire, and can be decently damaged by electric moves. Use your fire focused characters to finish him off. Be careful of his Hannya mode moves, they can inflict a good amount of damage. There’s not much to this fight since he’s a lower level than you, so play it slow.

Floor 5

Lvl 99 Dr. Black (weak to physical and electric) and 22x Lvl 99 Invulnera-Billboard (weak to electric)

Multiple enemy damaging electric moves are the best for this. Keep in mind that Dr. Black cannot get paralyzed, but the Invulnera-Billboards can. Charm them and/or paralyze them, and focus Dr. Black till he’s dead, and then clean up with Fulminating Forecasts and Orbital Lasers. 

Lvl 99 Bohemiarch (weak to physical, blade and fire), Lvl 99 Biker Vanguard (weak to blade, water and electric) and Lvl 99 Bedeviler (weak to blade and water)

Eri’s Telephone Nunchaku move works great in this fight. Bohemiarch has this annoying self-heal ability that puts him back to full health, but other than that he’s not much of a threat. Bedeviler has a move called Lethal Curse that has a chance of One-Hit KOing someone, so try and perfect guard it. Biker Vanguard hits surprisingly hard, so focus him first and get rid of him asap, then get the Bedeviler, and then take your time with Bohemiarch.

Lvl 99 Ultimate Champion (weak to blade and water) and Lvl 99 Ghillie Man (weak to fire and electric)

This fight had me hard stuck for a while and killed my runs twice. Ultimate Champion’s Rising Corkscrew can one-shot anyone. And since they don’t share any weaknesses, it is hard to do consistent damage. Cast Peerless Resolve asap and try to get rid of Ghillie Man as fast as you can. Perfect Guarding all his shots can save you from getting one-shot. Once he’s down, take down Ultimate Champion. Just be careful of his Rising Corkscrew move, and keep everyone fully healed as much as possible

Proceed to the upper part of this Floor

Lvl 99 Pornogra-Pharaoh (weak to electric) and Lvl 99 Weltraiser (weak to physical and electric)

They’re both weak to electric, so go hard on the Fulminating Forecast and other abilities. Weltraiser doesn’t seem to get paralyzed but the Pornogra-Pharaoh does. Use this to focus on the Weltraiser guy and then take out Pharaoh. Don’t go easy on these guys, there’s a healing point right after them.

Lvl 89 Tendo (weak to electric)

He’s back, and he’s a lot tankier this time. This is the strongest version of Tendo in the game, but luckily you’ll be pretty strong too. Just chip him down slowly and make sure you have Peerless Resolve cast at all times. Go as hard as you can, since there is a healing point on the next floor before the next fight. You can also visit the one just before Tendo as well.

Floor 6

Use the healing point if necessary.

Lvl 89 Kiryu Kazuma (weak to water)

Have both Saeko and Eri on your team. My third party member was Zhao for his water moves. Keep whittling him down until your attacks stop doing damage. When you reach that point, use your moves to buff/heal yourself if required. I advise only using healing skills and guarding. Every time he changes his style, he uses up a turn so use that to your advantage. You can make this fight a breeze if you can reduce his health by a quarter of the bar between styles and keep forcing him to use his turns to change styles. Don’t be shy on the MP usage, you can use the healing point on this floor once more before you head for the final boss.

Top Floor

The final boss

Lvl 99 Amon (weak to physical, blade, water, electric, and guns)

Don’t be fooled just because he has many weaknesses, he is the strongest opponent in the entire tower. He can do a large variety of skills, including Essence of Orbital Laser, and it has a much more devastating effect on your party than yours has on him. Cast Peerless Resolve as soon as possible. There is no point in trying to attack him with normal moves. Always use unblockable skills on him. Eri’s Telephone Nunchaku, Joon-gi’s Phantom Drive, Zhao’s Champagne Wave, Ichi’s Bonecrusher are good moves for this. When his health is a little over half, use Miracle Kimchi on everyone (except Joon-gi if he’s active since he has high agility). You can remove Saeko for the first half of the fight to replace her with a damage dealer. Use Ichi’s healing abilities, they’re very strong. When his health reaches about halfway, he summons Lvl 99 Saejima, Lvl 99 Majima and Lvl 99 Kiryu. Amon, Saejima and Majima will attack your whole party, but Kiryu will not. Kiryu skips his turn until he’s the only one standing, and in turn, his health won’t drop below 75%. Focus Amon, keep whittling him down as much as possible. When he casts Malicious Grin, brace yourselves. I recommend guarding on all characters. And if Ichi doesn’t have Peerless Resolve up already, make him cast it asap before Amon’s next turn. The Orbital Laser will be cast when Amon moves again, and chances are at least one of your party members will be taken out, if not more. Play defensive and keep Ichi alive and near full health as much as possible, casting Peerless Resolve whenever needed. Once you have everyone back in fighting order on your party, take out Amon. Be careful of his effigy move, it is a one-shot. Once he’s dead, focus on Majima as he is the squishiest of the remaining lot. With him out of the way as well, whittle down Saejima. You can completely ignore Kiryu throughout all this, he won’t do a thing. As soon as Saejima’s down, however, focus the ever-living shit out of Kiryu. When he is down to his Dragon of Dojima style, he will use Essence of Dragon God on your whole party, doing a whooooooole lotta damage to everyone. Pray he doesn’t knock out Ichi (he shouldn’t if you still have Peerless Resolve up, there is no reason for you to not have Peerless Resolve up throughout this fight) and whittle him down with water attacks.


Congratulations! Once you defeat Kiryu, you will have beaten the True Final Millennium Tower!

Enjoy your new outfits and the respect and admiration of SEGA!

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