CHOOH2 on the Fire: The Backstory

Cyberpunk 2077 released just under half a year ago now, and it was a little rough to say the least. The game had an abundance of glitches, and in some cases, just plain didn't work. Since then, CD Projekt Red has been fighting an uphill battle against controversy, hackers and Covid 19 to improve the game's stability and overall quality. With Patch 1.2, we saw vast improvements to the game and a changelog that would make a novelist jealous.

We've managed to come up with a few more small changes and additions CDPR could make which we believe would greatly improve the quality of the game. We've categorised these into different lists for your reading pleasure!

Some New Chrome: Our Patches


  • Transmog, or a "Visible layer" for clothing, allowing players to display the clothes they like the best, but keep the stats of their best gear.
  • Stores in which players can re-customise their character's appearance, gender and voice.
  • The ability to change between he/him and she/her pronouns, regardless of voice.
  • A voice pitch slider, akin to 'Saints Row IV'.
  • Skin and hair colour sliders, allowing better fine-tuning.
  • The ability to overlay player tattoos, including the visual ones available from Ripperdocs.
  • Viktor's anaesthetic injection site should fade away overtime, rather than always being visible.


  • New poses:
    • Standing, aiming pistol with one hand.
    • Standing with Mantis Blades.
    • Kneeling with Mantis Blades
      • Much like the 2013 reveal trailer.
    • Standing with Nanowire
    • "Current" pose option, displaying V in the exact position they are currently in.
    • Poses available on bikes, including Mantis Blades, guns, and leaning.
  • Changes:
    • Permanent ability to move V up and down when posing.
    • Ability to change player expression when on a vehicle.
    • "Freecam" option which doesn't try to focus on, or orbit the player.
    • A gallery in which players can save and view all of their photographs.
    • The ability to focus on and pose NPCs in photomode.
    • Add "Light sources" - Akin to 'Spiderman: Miles Morales'.
    • Photomode camera able to pass through and enter vehicles.
    • The ability to "Unpause the world" whilst photomode is active, to take live shots.
    • "Are you sure you want to back out of photomode" prompt after selecting the exit button.
      • I've lost so many pictures because of accidentally pressing 'B' on my Xbox controller. Always devastating when that happens.
    • "Frame opacity" option.
    • "Sticker opacity" option.
    • "Filter strength" option.
      • I really don't understand why photomode doesn't have this. EVERY other photomode in games has it.
    • Lens flare stickers.
    • Some less ridiculous, and more realistic and subtle facial expressions - Including a few for talking.
    • Photomode "Freecam" available in controlled story moments such as sitting, leaning, sleeping and interacting with people or objects.
      • Or in the endgame cutscenes. These would be great to take pictures in.


  • Ways to acquire missed weapons after completing the full campaign.
    • This could involve sidequests, purchasing them from stores, or the ability to return to locked areas as "Enemy dungeons" for replayable content and high-tier loot.
  • A way to return to previously completed campaign missions with your current gear in the same save. Any new rewards, progression and loot can be kept.
    • This should only be accessed after completing the main campaign.
  • After passing the point of no return, gear and progression should be carried over into freeroam after completing the campaign.
  • High-levelled reflexes allowing players to block or deflect bullets with a Katana.
  • Kerenzikov modification which removes the damage debuff.

Miscellaneous Changes and Additions

  • On-foot radio.
  • Song titles available on radio tab.
  • "Mixtape" radio station, allowing players to add all their favourite songs to one channel.
  • UI colour customisation option unlocked after completing the game.
  • Access to V's penthouse and "Expensive clothing" after completing 'The Sun' ending.
  • Vendors selling more ammo.
  • The ability to purchase "Stocks" items in certain stores, allowing players to earn a slight passive income.
  • The ability to rewatch the "Meditation" braindances in V's apartment, given to the player from the Zen Master.
  • No more "Relic malfunctions" in freeroam gameplay after completing the campaign.
  • The ability to inspect active friends' characters and story path until their most recent point.
  • The ability to rename 'Nibbles'.
    • I'd call him "Garfunkel",
  • Cheat codes, which are unlocked after completing the campaign and disable achievements for that save.
  • Locations around the map where V can simply sit, or even eat and drink.
  • V shouldn't get drunk after drinking one glass or bottle of alcohol.
    • They're a hardened mercenary, come on!
  • Elevator speed increase.



What do you think of these changes? Would they help bring you back to the game? Let us know on Twitter @GamesAtlasCom and stay tuned for more great gaming articles!

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