While it doesn't follow the typical combat style in the Yakuza game series, the latest installment Yakuza: Like A Dragon certainly has a very detailed RPG-like turn-based combat system that focuses on weapons and skills. In this guide, we will tell you about the best weapons in the game, and where to get them.

Before we get into that, here are some helpful tips that will make your inevitable grind a bit easier.

Helpful Tips

  1. Upgrade the Romance Workshop to the maximum level. Once you complete Substory 13 and unlock it, the Romance Workshop is where all the weapon upgrading happens. However, the scope of upgrading is restricted to the level of the facility. In order to access the best upgrades, you will have to spend ¥22,000,000 to upgrade it all the way to its maximum level. While this is indeed a steep price and near impossible early game, it is advisable for you to complete the Business Management mini-game in order to be financially stable enough to afford this. You will need a lot more money to perform the upgrades themselves, and to acquire raw materials, so this step is crucial.
  2. Bugs are easily found at Hamakita Park. Running around on the grassy area gives you prompts to pick up items, which are always bugs. This can also help with some of the delivery quests for Part-Time Hero.
  3. Crafting materials can be acquired in abundance from the Sotenbori Battle Arena as well as the van vendor next to the Dragon Kart place in Hamakita Park.
  4. All the weapons require a strong, expensive crafting material weapon that can be found by completing sub stories, doing the minigames around town, running the Battle Arena in Sotenbori, or simply purchasing them from Le Marche in Kamurocho for ¥10,000,000 apiece. Keep in mind, the Ceramic Boxcutter can only be obtained by reaching Executive Hero rank in the Part-Time Hero subquests in the English version of the game.

Now, lets get on with the information!

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Weapon List

Hero Self-Proclaimed Hero's Bat Legendary Hero's Bat Acquired through story
Foreman Rusted Hammer Heaven and Earth Hammer Bought from the Mirai Batting Center for 500 points
Host Table Sparkling Phantom Snow Sapphire Wine Bought from the Gamling Hall for 50 tags
Detective  Carbon Police Baton Chromium Alloy Club Bought from Club SEGA Espace Nittaku in Kamurocho
Homeless Rugged Cane Amenohoakari no Mikoto Bought from Love Magic for ¥2,000
Barmaid Casual Bag Jeweled Bag Bought from Hustle Boutique for ¥2,500
Hitman Inlaid Gloves Dark Silver Fist Bought from the Casino for 500 chips
Clerk Anti-Corrosion Boxcutter Ultra High-Frequency Boxcutter Bought from the Gambling House for 50 tags
Bodyguard Nameless Katana Demon Blade Muramasa Obtained from Sub Story 21 "Dumpster of Demise", select "Shiny Black Object" when prompted
Gangster Master's Saber Curved Crystal Saber Bought from Kai Xin Speciality Store
Musician Vintage Guitar The Symphonic Bought from Can Quest for 3,000 ecopoints
Chef Wooden Flipper Scorching Spatula Bought from the Dragon Kart Prize Exchange for 100 rings
Idol Pretty Microphone Celestial Microphone Bought from the Dragon Kart Prize Exchange for 200 rings
Hostess Cotton Pouch Shining Pouch Obtained from the Silver Safe in the PIA Building
Fortuneteller Stone Orb Diamond Orbuculum Bought from the Gambling Hall for 300 tags
Night Queen Sadistic Whip Whip of Pleasure Bought from Love Magic for ¥500,000
Enforcer Bulletproof Shield Special Ops Riot Shield Bought from the Gambling Hall for 500 tags
Dealer Tarot Cards Fake Ace Bought from the Casino for 500 chips
Breaker Red Anklet Soul Anklet Bought from the Mirai Batting Center for 500 points
Devil Rocker [DLC] Thrallmaster's Axe Infernal Crasher Bought from Chau Ka Long's Armory for ¥2,980,000
Matriarch [DLC] Lady's Naginata Green Dragon Crescent Blade

Bought from Chau Ka Long's Armory for ¥3,500,000


Keep in mind that most of the aforementioned base weapons can be obtained in Silver Safes across Yokohama, in the Yokohama Underground Dungeon, as well as in several Part-Time Hero quests.

All these weapons can be upgraded to their mentioned Legendary variants, which can be further upgraded to their EX versions (Kiwami versions in the Japanese version of the game), which are the best variants of the game. The EX versions can be further upgraded to higher levels, but those upgrades cost millions and are usually not worth it.

That's all for this guide. Let us know in the comments if you find these weapons in other locations, and look forward to more Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides in the future!

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