In this article, you will learn all you need to know about one of the most powerful Sniper Rifle in the entire game. You will know how to get Sand Hawk in Borderlands 3.

Important! This weapon can only drop on Mayhem Level 6 or above. You will need to finish the story to unlock Mayhem Levels.

How Sand Hawk Works in Borderlands 3

Sand Hawk is a DAHL Sniper Rifle that makes its come back to the Borderlands series. It debuted in Borderlands 2 as a Submachine Gun.

The most original effect of the weapon is that it shoots 7 bullets at once in a pattern of a hawk. Bird-shaped projectiles fly imitating wings movement and deal a lot of Splash Damage.

It is a great weapon for every build and every Vault Hunter. It is not a typical sniper rifle, and it works the best in burst fire or semi-automatic mode. It can also drop in fully automatic mode. The projectile’s range is limited, so you will not be able to snipe your targets from very far.

Now, let's see the specifications of the weapon, and then I will tell you how to get Sand Hawk in Borderlands 3.

Sand Hawk Specifications

Manufacturer: DAHL

Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle

Rarity: Legendary

Base Ammo Consumption: 3 ammo per shot


  • Fire
  • Shock
  • Corrosive
  • Radiation
  • Cryo

Damage Type Increases

  • Splash Damage
  • Weapon Damage
  • Gun Damage
  • Sniper Rifle Damage
  • Area of Effect Damage
  • DAHL Weapon Damage

Drop Location: Katagawa Junior, Atlas HQ map on the planet Promethea

Drop Chance: 16.5%

Red Text: “Wedge a pig”

Weapon Card:

How To Get Sand Hawk in Borderlands 3

Credit: Gearbox Software

How to Get Sand Hawk in Borderlands 3

In order to get the weapon, you must play on Mayhem Level 6 or above. You want to finish the main mission from the base game: "Atlas, At Last".

After completing the mission and defeating Katagawa Jr., you will be able to return to this map and farm the enemy for the Sand Hawk Sniper Rifle. It is a boss that has mostly shields, and a low health bar. You will need to use shock or radiation elements effectively to defeat the boss. After doing so, there is a 16.5% chance of getting the Sand Hawk Sniper Rifle

It is a dedicated drop that has a pretty low drop chance, especially if you are looking for a specific anointment. However, on April 8th, in the new patch to Borderlands 3, you will be able to reroll anointments on weapons for the right price [eridium]. It might make farming for the perfect Sand Hawk a lot easier, but you definitely know everything you need on now how to get Sand Hawk in Borderlands 3.

Is Sand Hawk Worth the Effort?


This is one of my favorite weapons in the Borderlands series overall, and I was thrilled to see it return in Borderlands 3. The gun has one problem, however - you might run out of ammo pretty easily. But other than that, it packs a punch, and is precise for every build. Hopefully, after this article, you know exactly how to get Sand Hawk in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S.

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