We give you all the steps so that you can overcome step by step all the puzzles that you find in Maquette and thus finish the adventure.

One of the free PlayStation Plus titles for March is Maquette, a puzzle game where all the changes you make to a diorama or model will be reflected in the life-size version that surrounds the stage.

This opens up a multitude of possibilities because we can play with the level, moving elements in the diorama and reflecting them in the real world, overcoming different puzzles and thus passing each of the chapters. But Maquette is not an "easy" game.

Therefore, here we are going to tell you how to complete all the Maquette puzzles from Chapters 0, 1, and 2.

As there are certain points of the adventure where you can get stuck without knowing how to advance, we give you the solution of all the Maquette puzzles, so you can complete them if at any time you need help (which is likely).

How to Complete Chapter 0 in Maquette?

  • We must open the red door to do, follow the path that is guided by the different writings on the wall and pull the door lever.
  • Advance through the path, and as soon as you find the key to the right of the red door, you can use it to open it.
  • Use the same key to open the door on the other side. We can only get closer to the golden tree.

How to Complete Chapter 1 in Maquette?

  • Enter the yellow house near the red cube. Then go back to the dome.
  • In the model, move the red cube aside, and notice two towers, which are missing a bridge. Go to that area in "normal size" and retrieve the bridge that is hidden in a nook.
  • Go back to the model, place the bridge and go up the elevator. In the end, you will find a golden ticket.
  • Return with the ticket to the red dome. But first, leave the ticket outside so that you can take a smaller version inside the model.
  • With this smaller ticket, go to the entrance of the fair and insert it into the entrance mechanism.
  • Enter the fair, observe the dialogue, and return to the model. On the back wall of the fair, you will find a lever that you can interact with to lower the wall.
  • Go to this point in the "normal size world" and approach the divination cabinet. When finished, you can pick up a key.
  • Exit the fair, and open the remaining closed door with it. Again - an abyss that you cannot bridge.
  • Take the key to the door you just opened, take it to the model, and place it over the abyss you just saw to act as a bridge.
  • Cross the chasm by the key "in normal size" and go to the bottom to see a new memory.
  • After that, go back to the dome, and leave the key outside the dome. In the mockup, pick up the tiny key and open the door to the building where Kenzie's party will be held.
  • After opening the door, take the key again and increase it in size by putting it inside the model, taking it outside the model, and repeating the process again so that it serves as a bridge and we can reach the house that we have just opened.

How to Complete Chapter 2 in Maquette?

  • Pick up the red crystal ball that is behind the building and take that red crystal ball to the elongated red gem next to the door and close it to open it by touching both red jewels. From there, go to the red palace, and enter with the help of the red crystal that you carry.
  • Inside the red castle, pull the lever to release the blue crystal, and place it outside the building to collect it in the model.
  • Then, reduce the red crystal in size (leave it outside the dome and collect it in the model) and leave it on the ramp on one of the sides of the blue castle (you will distinguish it because it has a red gem at the top of the ramp).
  • Take the blue crystal from the model, and use it on the blue castle so that the red gem that we just placed on the ramp can go down. Enter the blue castle afterward.
  • Pull the lever inside and bring the red and cyan gem to the dome.
  • Reduce both in size as we have already explained (place them outside the dome) and first take the red gem and look in the model for the blue house - the house of dreams that we must enter and that has several blocked areas, to which we can only enter if we carry the necessary colored gem.
  • In the model of the aforementioned house, you will see that on the upper floor, there is an area through which you can strain the red gem and that the ceiling indicates that we need the cyan gem. We show you the area in the image below.
  • Next, take the cyan gem, and go to the "normal size" house. Access the cyan gem through the main door, and use it as if you were going to deposit it but facing the ceiling so that the red gem can fall. When it falls, pass the cyan gem through the gaps between the bars of the windows in that area to drop it outside the house.
  • Take the red gem, and go to the back of the house. You will find a key, which you must slide through the small window at the back of the house.
  • Pick up the red gem again, and exit through the door on the right that has just been opened that requires the red gem.
  • From the garden, go to the front door to retrieve the cyan gem we dropped earlier, and with it, exit the house and go to the dome.
  • From the dome, pick up the key that we took through the small window and open the door of the castle on the beach.
  • Next, take the red gem and strain it through a circular window in the castle on the beach. Take the cyan gem and enter the castle door from the beach.

Beach Castle Puzzle Maquette

  • You will have to exchange the cyan gems for the red one in order to continue advancing. Then pull the lever, cross the bridge and pick up the gear, and move forward - the exit will be blocked.
  • Go back for the red gem, and go back to the bridge. On the left, you will see a rock that you can reach by jumping. Jump up to it, and from the rock, jump over the wall.
  • Without letting go of the red gem, look for a huge red crystal on the outer perimeter surrounding the dome. Make both red crystals touch.
  • As soon as you do, turn around and head up the giant stairs to the elevator. Pull the lever to re-access the castle from the beach.
  • In the dome, take the gear that we left earlier on the bridge and place it inside the castle on the beach.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the Puzzle solutions here at GamesAtlas, and for more of the best guides on the best videogames around, there's more here at GamesAtlas.

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