Although Ramuh is an optional fight, defeating him grants players the Ramuh Summon Materia. This type of materia makes a considerable difference in important battles since summons are basically an extra party member. Besides, this is a pretty good summon. So here is how to defeat Ramuh!

Ramuh's Most Important Stats

  • Weakness: Wind attacks are the best way to deal more damage and fill Ramuh's pressure bar faster.
  • Resistances: Fire and Ice are to be avoided here since they deal less damage on him.
  • Absorb: Lightning will cause Ramuh to regain HP instead of losing it. Avoid at all costs.
  • Immune: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Fixed Damage, and Proportional Damage.

Ramuh's Attacks And How To Avoid Them

  • Levin Arrows: Ramuh opens with this one, firing projectiles that will leave mines on the floor. Getting hit by those will result in taking damage and being paralyzed. Move away from this area of effect when it happens.
  • Voltaic Lance: This is a projectile that can be easily avoided if players run to the side.
  • Lightning Strike: Since this attack marks its area on the floor, just run away from it.
  • Thunderous Orbs: These are homing projectiles that can be blocked or avoided by running continuously to the side. 
  • Luminous Falchion: This is Ramuh's go-to attack for when Yuffie is too close. It hits multiple times and deals physical damage, but it can be blocked.
  • Charged Current: When Ramuh starts charging up this attack, run away from him. Blocking won't work.
  • Summon Sparks: When Ramuh summons sparks to empower him, you know phase two has begun.
  • Spark Flail: Another move he only uses during the second phase. Ramuh jumps on the player dealing electrical damage in an area of effect. Run away or dodge to avoid it.
  • Orbiting Wand: This is a physical move he only uses in Phase 2. The staff will circle around but can be avoided when thrown.
  • Circuitous Bolt: This is a rotating attack with a good area of effect, but you can just stay away to prevent it from hitting Yuffie.

Wait For Sonon

final fantasy 7 intergrade Sonon and Yuffie

The battle against Ramuh is available pretty early in the DLC. However, going for it too soon is far from ideal.

Wait until you have Sonon as a party member. The team-up attacks and extra materia will make this battle much easier.

Do not forget to equip Sonon with Materia that will be useful to you. Make sure you also purchase some protective gear for your party member. Magical defense is highly effective against Ramuh, but be alert. He also has a strong physical attack.

Use DLC Summons

final fantasy vii chocobo chick

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission allows players to use the DLC summons. They are available for anyone who has access to this DLC.

Download those summons and equip them. Although summons are helpful, choose them wisely. As said before, when fighting Ramuh, avoid any source of lightning damage.

Attack With Wind

 Final Fantasy 7 intergrade Yuffie using wind ninjutsu against Ramuh

As stated before, Wind is Ramuh's weakness. Luckily, Yuffie has the means to do it even without materia. Just make sure to use Yuffie's wind ninjutsu any time you have the chance.

Let me know if you have any tips to fight Ramuh!

If you're interested in Materia, check out our Materia Combo Guide!

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