Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an action adventure with RPG elements that is focused on combat and parkour, so fast-paced action. However, you will also find a lot of puzzles and riddles around the world, that make you think a little. One of those activities is opening safes. If you are having a hard time figuring out what is a certain solution, look no further. Here you will learn what is Dying Light 2 First Biomarker safe code, from one of the quests in the game.

Dying Light 2 First Biomarker Safe Code

If you are here just for the safe code, then look no further and go back into the game!

Dying Light 2 First Biomarker Safe Code: 973

However, if you want to know the exact solution, make sure to keep on reading. This riddle consists of three separate little riddles.

First number: What Becomes Smaller When You Turn It Upside Down?

The number that becomes smaller when you turn it upside down is nine. If you turn it upside down, then you will get a six. The other number would be ninety-nine, and it is a bit misleading, because I did not find any safe that would use double-digit numbers as its solution.

Second number: An Odd Number, Take Away a Letter, and It Becomes Even

The first thing you notice is a play on words, because of the usage of "odd" phrasing. It does not only mean that it is weird, but it is actually an odd number. The other part suggests that it will become an even number if you take away the letter. Well that is correct, because once again if you see a written number 7 as "seven" then you will notice if you take away an "s" it will become even. So seven is your second digit in this code.

Third number: A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken?

The third number in Dying Light 2 First Biomarker safe code is a riddle in itself. A little girl bought a dozen eggs, which is twelve. Then almost all of them break, apart from three. So to answer the question, there are three eggs unbroken, because all the remaining eggs broke.

As an additional hint, all the safe codes you find will got to your collectibles' section in the game, which can be counter-intuitive. I was having a hard time myself finding where did the clue go when I first picked it up.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is scheduled to release on February 4, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S.

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