Video games are an exciting art and entertainment, but often they are also tough tests that we yearn to overcome to gain self-esteem and confidence.

The question is, will you be able to? Find out with the list of the most challenging games on PS4 and PS5 that distinguish the most skilled players,

It is a cliche to say that video games were more difficult before, but there is no denying that this is true. That does not mean that there are no challenging titles today, and on PS4 and PS5, there are options that will really make you sweat if you want to complete them or achieve it at a high difficulty level.

Difficult games have a special charm, something that distinguishes them from others and that provides extra satisfaction when, after hours and hours of suffering, we manage to beat them. You may at times want to throw the controller out the window or regret a small mistake, but the key is to never give up.

Sure, on PS4 and PS5 there are truly difficult video games. Some are by nature difficult (something that characterizes Dark Souls or Sekiro), while others only pose a real challenge if you play them in a high difficulty mode.

5 Most Challenging Games on PS4 and PS5


5 Most Challenging Games on PS4 and PS5

This dungeon and horror twist game from Red Hook Studios is quite a challenge for PlayStation gamers.

Although it may seem like an RPG to use, Darkest Dungeon will force you to manage with your head the resources with which to face each dungeon, choose your equipment well and control moments of anxiety.

Special attention deserves the level of the cove, which does not distinguish between beginners or experts. In addition, the Ancestral Edition includes several content packages that extend the challenging experience of the game.



One of the most striking puzzle games of recent years - The Witness - developed by Thekla is an intense puzzle that takes place on a desert island, from which we will have to escape.

To do this, the key is that we have an open mind in each of the difficult puzzles that we will face (it is advisable to pass the command between several people). And if you want to put your wits to the test, the 14 optional puzzles in the central mountain of the island will force you to get the best of yourself.


sekirosdt ga

The GOTY of the year 2019 is a highly recommended option if what you want is a challenging experience on PS4 and PS5.

Sekiro is developed by From Software (Dark Souls) and provides us with devilish gameplay where mistakes pay dearly.

Special mention deserves its careful combat system, the large number of combos that we can use, or the terrible final bosses that await in each level.

For example, Genichiro Ashina, whom you face in the middle of the game, is quite a reflex test, and you will have to master the dodge technique to defeat him.


ds2 sotfs ga

It's unclear which game is the hardest of From Software's three Dark Souls, but the second installment certainly includes some of the most terrifying final bosses.

Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin is committed to the classic gameplay of the saga, with challenging enemies and bosses, a third-person perspective, and a very careful fantasy setting.

Thanks to the DLC, Dark Souls 2 hides surprises as infernal as the Fume Knight, which you will find in the Tower of Flame. Prepare to have a really, really bad time.


trialsrising ga

Ubisoft's Trials series is perfect for fans of stunts and motorbike experiences. Trials Rising takes this to a new level, with lots of game modes and circuits that will require unhealthy precision if you want to get the best marks.

It is a complicated game, although it has more accessible tutorials and difficulty levels. We know that you like challenges. Have you tried to complete the Extreme circuits without committing any penalties? If the answer is affirmative, surely you are already cured of horror for your whole life.

Surely with the 5 most challenging Games on PS4 and PS5, you will have hours and hours of fun... or suffering. And remember: always choose the highest difficulty mode, you know ... to prove your worth.

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