PS5 came out over 6 months ago, and even though we have not seen many AAA games that would shake the gaming industry, we have some games that have a dedicated version on PS5 and can show the true potential of the console. Here are my Best PS5 games available right now.

Best PS5 Games:

#8 Borderlands 3

I decided to start this list with my favorite looter shooter. The game came out in 2019, but It has a dedicated version on PS5, that allows you to experience the gameplay in 120 FPS. There are not many games that allow you to do this at the moment, and the smoothness of Borderlands 3 really shows the potential of the console.

#7 Dirt 5

Similar to the previous game, Dirt 5 allows you to play in 120 FPS and still is one of the best-looking racing games ever made. I was stunned by the graphics because I was not expecting this amount of detail from it. The driving is great, and the whole game is just a good package overall.

#6 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The newest installment in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes us to Viking times, and it looks gorgeous, especially on the new generation of consoles. It is a great RPG, with maybe a little too much stuff in it, and a smaller map would work great for it, but nonetheless, it is still a great adventure, and if you like the atmosphere, it is a great game to pick up.

#5 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Like AC Valhalla, it is the latest game from the Call of Duty series and one of the Best PS5 Games. It it has one of the best campaigns to date. The graphics and the sound are amazing, and even though the game relies heavily on its multiplayer aspects as well as Warzone, its campaign is very underrated and worth giving a shot.

bocw mp template

Credit: Activision

#4 Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The spin-off of the first Spider-Man from Insomniac games improves upon its predecessor in various aspects, from the combat to the already amazing swinging mechanics. The game is much shorter, and costs less, but works great with the new Adaptive Triggers in the DualSense controller, especially while traversing the city.

#3 Resident Evil Village

The most recent game on the list, which came out a week ago, is definitely one of the prettiest and most horrifying games on the list. A great addition for any survival horror fan, and also to the entire Resident Evil series. It looks awesome, it plays awesome, and it has an incredible atmosphere throughout.

#2 Returnal

I need to say from the start, that it is not a game for everyone. You will die here, a lot, but I guess it's just the case with the leading games on this list. Returnal is a game with a deep story on a procedurally generated planet, that resets every time you die. It is a roguelike, with stunning effects, and can bring you both satisfaction and frustration. However, it is very original and shows the capabilities of the console, and in my opinion, deserves 2nd place.

#1 Demon’s Souls [2020]

One of the best PS5 games ever made, it's the remake of the first souls game with the same title. It was remade entirely for the new generation of consoles and is one of the best-looking games as of May 2021. It is not a game for everyone, but if you have played any other souls game, you will fall in love with this one immediately.

All of the games mentioned above, are available now on PS5.

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