Like with any RPG, Dragon Dogma 2 isn't limited to the main storyline, as there are plenty of sidequests to tackle. One of the more confusing sidequests in the game is the 'Prey For The Pack,' which is not only time-sensitive but requires you to find a specific person that can be hard to locate. That said if you are lost and unable to complete the Prey for the Pack quest in Dragon Dogma 2, follow our directions.

Starting Prey For The Pack Quest in Dragon Dogma 2

To trigger the quest, you need to head towards Checkpoint Rest Town. The quickest way to get there, if you haven't been there before, is through West Vernworth Oxcart Station. Once there, make your way to Morris' Apothecary. Getting close to Morris will automatically trigger the quest.

Morris will ask you to rescue his grandson Rodge, who a pack of wolves has kidnapped. If you do take on the quest, your next step will be talking to townfolk and inquiring about Rodge.

Finding Rodge In Prey For The Pack Quest

rikhars location in dragon dogma 2

Upon chatting with different townfolk, you'll get a wide variety of information about Rodge, all in bits and pieces. The main character you need to interact with to find the location of Rodge is Rikhard, who is the local guard. He can be found near the gate north of the town. He will tell you that wolves are commonly found in Putrid Cave.

putrid caves location in Prey for the pack

Once you talk to the guard, Putrid Cave's location will appear on the map marked by a yellow triangle. Nevertheless, the cave is located towards the east side of the town. Make your way toward the cave, and if you get lost at any point, look for the trail of blue petals. Following the trail will lead you to your destination.

putrid cave in dragon dogma 2

In your journey to rescue Rodge, you'll come across various mobs, so be prepared to fight. The cave especially will have wolves, which can be painful to deal with. Regardless, defeat the mobs and enter the cave. You'll find Rodge inside the Putrid Cave, scared and hiding in a corner. Interact with Rodge, and he'll then decide to follow you back to the town.

Taking Back Rodge To Morris

rodge in putrid cave

You'll still come across mobs, so do not drop your guard. If you are able to make your way back to Morris in town with Rodge, the quest will end, and you'll get 11,000 gold, Miracle Roberants, and 4000 XP.

If you take too long to reach Putrid Cave, you'll instead find torn clothes, indicating that Rodge is dead. You can still take back the torn clothes to Morris, which will net you 8000 gold and 4000XP. However, it's best to save using an inn before you take on the Prey for the pack quest so you can attempt it again in case you are not able to save Rodge.

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