Contract Complete

IO Interactive recently tied up their “World of Assassination” Trilogy and wrapped up Agent 47’s story in a nice little bow, but that doesn’t have to be the end of this incredible Hitman universe they created.

Hitman III brought more innovations and enhancements to the series that we want to see more of, but with this being the end of 47’s story of sneakily murdering and dismantling Providence, this universe’s take on the Illuminati, the possibilities to open the universe are endless.

Right on Target

One exciting possibility is a spin-off game consisting of two assassin partners, with an emphasis on co-op gameplay and tactics. Whether that’s co disguising to fool a target, having your friend perched on a roof with a sniper rifle in case something goes wrong, or ensuring you can take out two targets in sync with one another for some story purpose – It unlocks a whole new potential for creative and skilled murder.

I can imagine this will be viewed as a “hot take” with the Hitman series focusing on single-player gameplay since it’s original conception, with some side gamemodes in Hitman II being the exception, but isn’t that the joy of spin-offs? Being able to try out new and exciting ideas without rupturing the identity of the core series. Star Wars: Rogue One, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Wars and Far Cry: Blood Dragon are just some examples of spinoff titles that really enhanced the universes they take part in.

As for the narrative, it doesn’t have to be anything special. IOI could go down the root of having set characters (Perhaps with some degree of customisation) go to certain locations, familiar and new, to assassinate a collection of targets with particular requirements and such. Bringing back old targets for a what-if situation, just so we can experience them with friends would be a fun way to introduce DLC to the series, and having the beloved elusive targets hang on the balance of more than one person really adds a new sense of danger – After all, you don’t want to be the reason your friend misses out.

hitman iii 2

ICA Training

Introducing co-op to the Hitman series will also open up the previous games to a new wave of fans. Having veteran, skilled players guide them through missions and teach them all the tips and tricks of the series would help them feel more comfortable with going into missions alone if they had struggled with previous Hitman games. Giving new players this confidence boost would help the franchise grow as a whole and allow more innovation and excitement to come in the future – Be that with more co-op, or single player games.

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