Send in the Clowns Condensed Guide:

  1. After completing the Main Job “Playing for Time,” V will receive a text from a mysterious man named Ozob, initiating the side gig Send in the Clowns.

  2. Call Ozob after reading the text he sends you. He will give V a location and tell you to honk once you arrive and park at the given location.

  3. Wait for Ozob to walk toward you and get into V’s car.

  4. Talk to Ozob once he gets in the car. Ozob will explain that he needs you to drive him to Little China to pick up some takeout.

  5. Wait for Ozob to get his “takeout.” From the driver seat, V will see that Ozob’s gotten himself into a gunfight with some local gangsters.

  6. Get out of the car and help Ozob take out the enemies.

  7. Talk to Ozob once more to receive your reward, some eddies (eurodollars), and the legendary grenade “Ozob’s Nose” (you will also receive the crafting spec for the legendary grenade).


cyberpunk 2077 ozobs nose in inventory send in the clowns mission guide

Send in the Clowns Full Guide:

Night City is full of weirdos, street kids, gangsters, and unique personalities that just stick with you and make the city feel more alive. One of these characters is the Chinese takeout-craving clown, Ozob, who appears in the Side Job “Send in the Clowns.” Keep reading for a detailed guide on how to find, and complete this Watson district Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077.

The mission “Send in the Clowns” begins automatically after completion of the Main Job “Playing for Time,” with V receiving a text from a mysterious man named only Ozob. Call him back, and this will initiate the Side Job. He’ll ask you to drive to a location in Watson and honk once you park outside of Ozob’s place. Ozob will come out of the building he was in, walk up to V and get in the car. Talk to Ozob a bit, and he’ll ask you to drive him to Little China to pick up some takeout.

After following the minimap and driving to the location in Little China, Ozob will get out of the car, and get into a fight with some local gangsters. Get out of the car and assist Ozob in defeating the enemies, then talk to Ozob to complete the mission and get your reward!

The reward for this mission is amazing, and slightly disturbing, as he gives you the crafting spec for “Ozob’s Nose” a legendary iconic grenade that we’ve previously seen… protruding from his face. The reward for this Side Job really takes “got your nose” to a whole new level.

For more guides on Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077, check out some of these articles. And, if you’re interested in a comprehensive crafting guide involving how to farm legendary components from the grenade Ozob’s Nose, click on this link.

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