Genshin Impact is without a doubt a success, with his interactive and beautiful world, incredible lore, and amazing host of characters. In the game, all the characters possess 6 different constellations, which can increase their abilities and improve their talents. But between all the characters present in the game, there are a few that, with the right constellation unlocked, can become completely different beasts.

We will now talk about 6 game-changing constellations present in the game. Ready?

Ningguang's Fist Constellation: ''Piercing Fragments''


We will start with her, the richest woman in Teryat and the most powerful person in Lyrue Harbor, the Tianquan of the Liyue QixingNinguang

Ninguang can be a great secondary DPS, but her first constellation can make her a full-fledged main DPS, causing her attacks to cause AoE Damage upon contact. We don't need to say how amazing this is right? Especially in a character like her, with a Burst that causes a substantial amount of hits in sequence. 

Sucrose's Fist Constellation: ''Clustered Vacuum Field''


Sucrose, the talented Alchemist and Star Student of the famous Albedo, is one the most fun and functional characters in the game, being the only 4 stars Ameno support available at the moment. She relies heavily on her Elemental Skill, ''Astable Anemohypostasis Creation - 6308''. Her first constellation, which gives an extra charge on the ability, transforms her into one of the best enablers in the game since it works on her main downside, her Skill large countdown. 

Kaeya's Fist Constellation: ''Excellent Blood''


Kaeya, the current Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, sometimes gets the short end of the stick, since the game has many characters that overcome his Elemental Skill damage, but his potential can only be unleashed once his fist constellation is unlocked since it gives him a 15% CRIT Rate bonus against enemies affected by Cryo. That effect, together with his ability to apply the element of his targets frequently, enables him to take the center stage as a DPS. 

Bennett's First Constellation: ''Grand Expectation''


BennettMondstadt's unluckiest adventurer, finally gained recognition a few months after the game's release, after a few players started to showcase his potential as one of the best, if not the best, support in the game, increasing its teammates ATK and healing then at the same time. His first constellation, ''Grand Expectation'', ends the attack restriction for the enhancing effects of his Elemental Burst, ''Fantastic Voyage'', which gives the active character in the field an attack boost escalated after Bennetts base ATK, and if he has last then 70% of his heath, heals him over time by an amount based on Bannett max HP. 

Noelle's Sixth Constellation: ''Must Be Spotless''


Noelle possesses some of the best constellations in the game, among the 4 stars. And for those that want to sweep the battlefield clean, her sixth constellation ''Must Be Spotless'', helps her get the job done like no other.

The constellation increases her Elemental Burst, ''Sweeping Time'', damage by an additional 50% of her total defense, and gets its duration increased by 1 second every time an enemy is defeated, to a max of 10 seconds.

Amber's Second Constellation: ''Bunny Triggered''


Amber, the one and only Outrider of the Knights of Favonius is on many occasions, the laughing stock of the game's community, but for those that love the character, her second constellation is a must and makes her a great addition to your party. ''Bunny Triggered'' makes the player able to detonate the Baron Bunny manually with a charged shot, causing 200% Bonus damage. The addition makes Amber's playstyle even more fun and makes it possible to make some grand combinations. 

Let us know in the comments what constellations you think can become part of our next list.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 5PlayStation 4PCs, and mobile devices.

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