In Night City you shouldn’t always be so trusting. A suspiciously friendly brain dance dealer charging a high price and upselling is definitely up to something shady. This is the context of the Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams Side Job.

Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams Walkthrough

V will be able to start the Side Job: Sweet Dreams by heading to Cherry Blossom Market in the Japantown district of Night City after completing the Side Job: I Fought the Law, and talking with the friendly BD dealer Stefan.

cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams side job stefan bd dealer

Pay to Play

Once you arrive at Cherry Blossom Market and talk to Stefan, he’ll tell you about this new, amazing BD he has for you, and that the price is great for what it is. Listen to Stefan talk and then select the dialogue option “What’ve you got?” You’ll have to pay him 16,000 eddies to continue the side job.

After being charged 16,000 eddies, Stefan will ask if V has a BD wreath to play the BD you just bought. Even after hearing that you have a great BD wreath, he’ll try to upsell V for another 4,000 eddies to use his BD wreath. He says the BD won’t run right on your BD wreath and that you’ll have to use his. So, to continue this side job you’ll have to pay him the extra 4,000 eddies.

If you decide at any point to choose the dialogue option “I want my eddies back,” the side job will end and you won’t be able to complete the mission.

Try on the BD Wreath

cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams side job stefans room

After paying Stefan the additional 4,000 eddies, he will lead you to the BD wreath you’ll use to run the BD he just sold you. After you put on the BD wreath, you’ll awaken naked in a cold makeshift surgery room. Johnny will appear and ridicule V for their naivety.

cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams side job scav surgery room johnny silverhand

Finding V’s Equipment

cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams side job ice bath

Leave the room the scavs were preparing you for cyber enhancement scalping in, and sneak over to the scav by the wall and take him out silently. Go to the room to your left and take out this scav as well. Once you’ve taken out these two scavs, you’ll need to go back to the hallway and take out the two scavs on the balcony at the end of the hall. One will have a pistol you can use to take out the rest of the scavs.

Next, you’ll head to the room closest to the balcony to continue the search for your equipment. Close to the locker with your equipment are three scavs you’ll need to take out with quickhacks, the pistol you just found, or stealth. Once the scavs are dealt with, go to the locker and collect your stolen equipment. One interesting thing to note is that the apartment the scavs have taken you to is the same one you saved Sandra Dorsett, with Jackie and T-Bug, from.

cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams side job scavs guarding vs equipment

Leave the apartment and take out the two remaining scavs guarding the entrance. Make your way to the elevator where Johnny is waiting.

cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams side job johnny elevator

Once you arrive on the ground floor, go back to Stefan to resolve his involvement in this trap. You can choose to let him go this one time only, or banish him from Night City forever. The choice you make doesn’t have an effect on the outcome of the side job.

cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams side job stefan scared

Stefan has been confronted, the scavs have been handled and the mission ends, rewarding V with 1104 XP and 2564 Street Cred XP. You will not get back the 20,000 eddies you spent for the mission, so make sure you have the eddies to spare before beginning the side job Sweet Dreams.

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