Wakako Okada is comfortable using netrunners to get the job done. Unfortunately, she hasn’t heard back from one of her favorite netrunners in a while and wants V to go check up on him. This is where the Cyberpunk 2077 Wakako's Favorite Side Job begins.

Cyberpunk 2077 Wakako’s Favorite Walkthrough

The Gig Wakako’s Favorite will become available to V in the Japantown district of Night City after reaching Street Cred Level 10. The gig type is of the “SOS: Merc Needed” type and involves finding a netrunner Wakako has lost track of.

Wakako will call V asking to find her favorite netrunner, Chang Hoon Nam at his hideout.

Chang Hoon Nam’s Hideout

The minimap mission tracker will lead you to a noodle vendor outside an alleyway, which marks the building the hideout is located in. Two girls outside can be heard talking about the screaming one of them heard coming from the basement but the other doesn’t believe her friend.

cyberpunk 2077 wakako's favorite gig changs hideout entrance

You can enter Chang Hoon Nam’s hideout in two different ways. The first method is straightforward but requires V to have a Body Attribute level of 6 or more to pull open the door. The secondary method is to go to the end of the alleyway and climb on top of a dumpster under an air conditioning unit. Jump up to the air conditioning unit and use it as a platform to reach the balcony above. Once you’ve made your way inside from the balcony, descend the staircase to get back down to the ground floor.

From the ground floor, descend the staircase with the laser mines fixed to the left and right walls. Disarm the laser mines carefully and go downstairs and through the door.

cyberpunk 2077 wakako's favorite gig laser mines staircase

Helping Chang Hoon Nam

After entering the room, you will see Chang Hoon Nam strapped into a netrunner chair, unresponsive. You can interact with him here and try to get him to wake up but it’s no use.

cyberpunk 2077 wakako's favorite gig unconscious chang

Check the computers to see a creepy message “Help” on each screen. Could this be Chang Hoon Nam trying to communicate? Read the messages on the laptop nearby, specifically the message titled “Kang Tao Container.”

cyberpunk 2077 wakako's favorite gig changs cry for help

After you’re done reading the message, the lights will automatically shut off, leaving V in total darkness. Soon, a light will turn on, guiding V out of the room and down a hatch into a service tunnel under the floor. Follow the tunnel and disarm the two laser mines guarding the room beyond. Collect Chang Hoon Nam’s shard in the room and return the way you came.

cyberpunk 2077 wakako's favorite gig laser mines in service tunnel

Reviving Chang Hoon Nam

Go back through the tunnel to Chang Hoon Nam and slot the shard into his neural port. He will slowly regain consciousness and thank you for your help. You can talk more with Chang about how he got into this predicament and exit dialogue with him to end the mission.

cyberpunk 2077 wakako's favorite gig chang recovering

Exit the hideout and speak with Wakako when she calls you to end the mission. You will be rewarded with 4,020 eddies (eurodollars), 432 XP, and 972 Street Cred XP for completing this gig.

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