This guide will show you Children of Danu locations along with all the clues to finding all 10 members of this cult. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla recently released its first major expansion in ‘Wrath of the Druids’. The expansion sends Eivor to Ireland, helping out the High-King Flann Sinna. Upon arrival, Eivor will find out about the druidic cult titled the Children of Danu.

Some of the cult members you come across of your story journey, but others are left for you to find yourself.

Children of Danu Locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla:

The Wren Location

Children of Danu Locations

The Wren is first mentioned during the main mission “Potion of Blood” when the Children of Danu are revealed to Eivor by Clara. The pair head to Deirdre’s hut, to find an antidote for the poisoned army. Deirdre will explain that each member of the Children of Danu possesses an amber shard that is needed to create the antidote. Needing one, Eivor sets out to find The Wren.

The first clue is located inside a small cottage at the mouth of the Ballysadare River, just north of Port Auley. You’ll find the clue on a pile of sacks. 

The second clue will direct you to investigate a ritual stone, located at Lough Gara. The exact location is on a small island in Lough Gara, around the center of the area. 

Finding the clue at Lough Gara reveals The Wren’s location, and real name Niamh, the poet, who is hiding out in the town called Rathcroghan. She can be located in the market square. Once assassinated, you can pick up two clues for the cultist The Cursed and The Ash.

The Cursed Location

After defeating The Wren, head back to Deidre and deliver her the first amber shard. The search for The Cursed starts the main mission “Into the Fog”, with a clue directing you to Tuam, a village in western Connacht. 

At Tuam, there will be a locked hut with the clue inside. Investigate the other huts to find the key to unlock the hut with the clue. This clue will then direct you to the cave, underneath Tuam. After venturing around the cave, you will eventually come across a room with some cultists prowling and three areas to investigate.

Deal with the cultists and free the prisoner in one of the investigation zones. This will give you the final clue. Head out of the cave and meet up with Ciara. Together, the pair will make their way to Carnagan where The Cursed, named Sétnae, druid of the mists, is located. You’ll have to fight more cultists and a Puca before finally defeating The Cursed. A clue for The Deer will be revealed. 

The Deer Location

the deer

The first clue for The Deer will point you in the direction of Ulster. There, you’ll have to investigate the Ardmel Trade Post, situated to the east of Lough Beg. The clue is situated outside the walls of the Trade Post, on a bench not too far from the entrance.

This clue will reveal The Deer’s, named Ruaidri, he of the ports, location. He is found at the port in Inch Lough Neagh. The area is heavily guarded, but The Deer is easy to kill. Be warned, he will run if he spots you but can easily be tracked down again. 

The Seed Location

the seed

The first clue in finding The Seed is automatically obtained during the main mission “The Wages of War”. Head to Movilla Abbey in the east of Ulster. The clue is situated inside the church the furthest uphill, on a bench next to the wealth chest. 

The next clue can only be obtained if you have already killed The Deer. This will reveal that now named Bécc mac Nath-í, he of the oceans, is holed up in Dunseverick fortress on the northmost tip of Ulster. You can either full-on assault the fortress or sneak in and deal with The Seed stealthily.

The Oak Location

the oak

The Oak is revealed to be High Priest Eogan Mac Cartaigh during the main mission “Scourging of Snakes”. This is a fairly straightforward killing. After some dialogue, Eivor and Flann will battle Eogan and two guards, eventually defeating them all. 

Being the ringleader of the Children of Danu, the cult will now be destroyed at the top, but there are still a few more lingering around Ireland. 

The Spider Location

the spider

The first clue is obtained from eliminating The Deer. It will explain that you have to beat the drinking champion in Dublin to obtain the next clue, pretty simple. 

The next clue states ‘Investigate in the vicinity of the tallest tree in Dublin’. It’s pretty easy to find, being the tallest tree. It’s situated in the east of Dublin, near Skald’s Rest, with the clue sitting on a bench.

From this clue, Aideen, a merchant of Dublin, is revealed to be The Spider. She is located patrolling the Dublin markets. 

The Whisper Location

the whisper

The first clue for The Whisper comes from defeating The Spider. The clue will guide you to investigate Boyne Tombs, which is situated west of the Rathdown Trade Post. The clue is actually on top of the tomb, not inside. Some guards are situated up there so you can either sneak to the location of the clue on a table or fight your way to it. 

The next clue will direct you to a small stone ritual circle near a small harbour along the Boyle River. There are two harbours along the river but the one you want to go to is just south of Kells Abbey. The clue is on the table, next to the stone circle. 

The Whisper, now revealed as Leasleach, madwoman of the bogs, is wandering around the bogs in the middle of Meath, to the south of the final clue location. It is possible to come across them without obtaining all the clues, but that takes all the fun out of it. Take them out to strike down another cult member. 

The Ash Location

the ash

Defeating The Whisper will now pick up a clue for The Ash. Investigate the druidic ritual site, situated on a hill between Lough Rea and Lough Tuam in Connacht. Here, the clue is on top of the standing ritual stones, situated in the middle of the site.

The second clue sends you to Kiltober, just north of where the clue was found. Investigate the white tent and find the clue sitting on top of a table. 

The Ash, named Cummascach, is revealed to be located in Kesh Corann mines, northwest of Lough Gara. The Ash is situated at the back of the cave so make your way through and defeat the cultist. 

The Blaze Location

the blaze

The first clue for The Blaze is given when The Ash has been defeated. The clue will point to the direction of the waterfall in Bally na Gall, a small town in Ulster that has been severely burned. Investigate the graveyard and find the clue on top of one of the graves. Be careful, there are wolves on the prowl. 

The next clue sends us to more burned buildings, this time in between Black Pig’s Dyke and Clogher in southern Ulster. The clue is in the one house that is still standing, not having been burnt down to the ground yet.

This clue reveals The Ash to be Conlae, he of the flames. He isn’t far away, just wondering a short distance away from the final clue. Eliminate him to stop his burning days.

The Mist Location

the mist

On The Blaze will be a clue for The Mist. Investigate the stone circle at Doon Daven, situated in northern Ulster. There will be druids here, either defeat them or sneak to the wicker man in the middle where the clue is located.

Next, head to the beach northwest of Aileach in Ulster. Search the ruined boat where the final clue is located.

The Mist, named Trian, he of the stone circles, is hiding out at Doon Fort. Again, there are more druids here so either take them all out of just focus on taking down The Mist. The Mist is also a cultist you can come across at Doon Fort before obtaining all the clues. 

Once all 10 Children of Danu have been defeated, head back to Deirdre and give her all the amber shards. She will brew a potion that transports Eivor to the realm of Balor. Here, you’ll have to defeat the old god. Once successful, Deirdre will reward you with the mythical spear Gae Bolg.

Stay tuned for more Wrath of the Druids and AC Valhalla guides at Games Atlas.

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