Even high-end clothiers can have troubles with the locals of Night City, Jinguji is no exception… the Cyberpunk 2077 Bullets Side Job showcases exactly this. That the trouble on the streets can spill over, anywhere, at any time.

Cyberpunk 2077 Bullets Side Job Mission Walkthrough

The Side Job: Bullets will be triggered by entering Jinguji, speaking to the shop manager Zane, and closing the shop menu, and ending your dialogue with Zane. For me, it happened on my second visit to Jinguji, so I assume you’ll have to return a second time with a few in-game days in between for the side job Bullets to begin.

After talking to Zane, you’ll both be interrupted by a burly Cyberpsycho entering the store and attacking the guards/shoppers. Zane will put Jinguji on lockdown, activating alarms and red lights and locking everyone inside with the Cyberpsycho.

cyberpunk 2077 bullets side job cyberpsycho attacks jinguji guards

Due to the small size of the store, it can be pretty difficult to avoid and take down this raging Cyberpsycho. I didn’t have much problem using the quickhack Cripple Movement, which can take a bit of time to upload, but once in effect locks down the enemy to the spot they’re standing in. Additionally, Cripple Movement stops enemies from being able to attack, which will make the Cyberpsycho as threatening as a puppy. However, you may not have access to this quickhack, so it’s suggested that you use the quickhacks Short Circuit or Overheat to deal damage over time (DoT), while also shooting the Cyberpsycho.

cyberpunk 2077 bullets side job cyberpsycho quickhack

Once you get the Cyberpsycho down to low health, MaxTac reinforcements will arrive to assist in taking down the threat.

cyberpunk 2077 bullets side job maxtac officers after fight

After defeating the Cyberpsycho, follow Zane over to the couch and sit down to give the MaxTac officers your statement. The dialogue you choose here will not affect the outcome of the mission.

cyberpunk 2077 bullets side job maxtac statement

This ends the mission. You will receive a decent sum of eddies (7,074 - 7420), 684 XP, and 1538 Street Cred XP. You can talk to the MaxTac officer to get some more dialogue out of her, and learn about the curious Mantis Blades she’s using, and have an unsettling discussion regarding the thrill of killing...

cyberpunk 2077 bullets side job maxtac officer bonus dialogue

2 days later Zane will call you and tell you to come back to Jinguji for some “nova” clothing he’s got for V. There is no new stock, but Zane will discount all clothing items, specs, and mods from this point on.

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