Following numerous updates, new free missions and characters, the launch of online mode, and even a zombie mode, Watch Dogs Legion today receives its first major expansion ever: Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline.

This downloadable content, which is part of the season pass, is characterized by bringing back two of the most iconic characters in the entire saga: Aiden Pearce, the antihero from the first Watch Dogs, and Wrench, the histrionic hacker from Watch Dogs 2.

We have already had the opportunity to put on the trench coat and mask of this unexpected couple, and in our analysis of Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline, we tell you if it is worth returning to the streets of London.

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline - What Is New

Watchdogs Legion: Bloodline

London Bridge is falling down

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline takes place in the time span between the Zero Day bombings and the beginning of the Watch Dogs Legion story, acting as a sort of prequel to the main game. Years after what happened in Chicago, in the first Watch Dogs, a much older (and bearded) Aiden Pearce heads to the English capital to get down to work with what seems like a very simple "fixer" job. .. But things get complicated when his path crosses that of Wrench, the crazy "hacktivist" who now works for free.

With this premise begins the story of Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline, which leads us to visit both new and well-known London locations, meet new characters, do all kinds of little jobs and, of course, hack; hack any device that comes our way.

New features in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline - Characters, gadgets, enemies, missions

But despite the fact that everything is quite familiar, there are also quite a few novelties. The first is that, in Bloodline, the main mechanic of Watch Dogs Legion disappears: the recruitment of NPCs. Here we "only" control the two characters, but each has a number of playable changes that differentiate them from any other recruitable operator in Watch Dogs Legion.

Aiden, for example, is more geared towards an action-focused style of play, and specifically the use of ranged weapons. It has the Ace of Pistols advantage, which is slightly reminiscent of the active reloading of the Gears of War saga: if, when reloading, we press the button again within the indicated area, the power of the shots increases for a short period of time.

Aiden also has a skill called concentration, which is activated after finishing an enemy using a ranged weapon execution (the cool "John Wick-style" animations), and which allows you to slow down the time to aim easily. Oh, and he also brought his massive hack, perfect for causing mayhem when the going gets tough.

And of course, we cannot ignore the fact that it is Aiden Pearce, who, despite the years, continues to wear a trench coat and cap with as much style as the first time. If you played the first Watch Dogs, you can't help but feel a certain nostalgia when you see him walk the streets with his characteristic way of walking and, of course, his hands in his pockets.

And Wrench... is Wrench. His style of play is a true reflection of his personality: crazy, with weapons that cause a lot of damage at close range (the Coleguis forever shotgun), a special predilection for melee or grenades, and some surprises, such as weapons that hack everything, including people and vehicles in an area.

Both Aiden and Wrench also have a new gadget: the multidron, a drone that can go from spiderbot to air transport at the push of a button, which makes it a really useful tool when we want to work remotely instead of shooting.

On the enemy front, we also find a great novelty: killer androids. These rivals force us to rethink our strategy because in order to defeat them we must first stun them with non-lethal weapons and then attack the weak point on their back with real firearms. They are especially lethal, as they have an attack capable of hurting us, even when we are sheltered behind cover.

Outside of the playable changes, and in terms of content, Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline includes a chain of story missions (with protagonism for both characters), as well as a series of resistance missions that give us access to new abilities, gadgets, and weapons.

The only thing that has not finished convincing us is that at a certain point we are forced to carry out some of these resistance missions in order to advance in the plot. In addition, and despite the changes, the level design is once again the same as in the main game, which means that it can become repetitive.

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