Johnny has some unfinished business he needs V to help him with, this time it’s Kerry Eurodyne, Johnny’s old bandmate, he needs to catch up with. This is the context of the Cyberpunk 2077 Holdin' On Side Job.

Cyberpunk 2077 Holdin’ On Side Job Walkthrough

The Side Job: Holdin’ On will begin after Rogue leaves the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in at the end of the side job Blistering Love. Johnny will ask V to drive up to the North Oak sign because he wants to meet with his old bandmate Kerry.

The North Oak Sign

cyberpunk 2077 holdin on side job north oak sign

Once at the North Oak sign, Johnny will appear standing in the parking lot near the location marked on your minimap. Talk to Johnny and let him know you’ll help him again, even if it means Johnny has to take control to get through to Kerry. Note: If you decide not to help Johnny at this moment the side job will be automatically failed, and you will not be able to continue this chain of side jobs.

Get Inside Kerry Eurodyne’s Mansion

After agreeing to help Johnny again, he will ask V to drive up the hill to Kerry’s mansion. Once at the mansion, get out of your car and follow the left wall from the entrance gate decorated with the golden samurai head. You’ll reach an outcropping of rocks that you can use to climb over the fence surrounding Kerry’s property.

Scanning the environment you’ll find two data shards placed around lounge furniture and the outside bar, and near the entrance, there are two security bots guarding the front door. Take out the bots without raising the alarm, otherwise, a few more bots will arrive to defend the entrance.

Finding Kerry Eurodyne

cyberpunk 2077 holdin on side job johnny in kerrys mansion

After making your way inside Kerry’s mansion, you can scan around and interact with various objects from the Samurai days. Johnny will speak with V giving more insight on the various artifacts, from the collection of Samurai singles on the wall to the display of multiple guitars hanging near a couch outside Kerry’s bathroom.

cyberpunk 2077 holdin on side job kerry samurai posters

Once V has thoroughly searched the Mansion, and checked out the memorabilia, you will find that Kerry is inside the bathroom taking a shower. Interact with the door and then return to the guitar display. Johnny will ask V to take Misty’s pills so he can have control. After giving Johnny control, he removes a guitar off the wall and begins shredding while waiting for Kerry. 

cyberpunk 2077 holdin on side job kerry drums

Kerry will come out of the bathroom, gun drawn, wondering who is in his house. He tells you to keep playing, and you need to select the option “[Keep playing] OK”. Kerry will sit down and talk more with Johnny, astounded but not entirely surprised by Johnny’s presence.

cyberpunk 2077 holdin on side job kerry guitars

Johnny and Kerry will reminisce a bit and Johnny will inquire what happened to Samurai after his death. Kerry explains that everybody ended up going their separate ways, with Nancy becoming the journalist Bes Isis, Henry ended up back in rehab for his alcoholism, and Denny moved up in the world. Johnny is interested in getting the band back together for one last gig.

cyberpunk 2077 holdin on side job johnny on kerrys couch

This ends the Cyberpunk 2077 Holdin’ On Side Job. V will be rewarded with 343 XP and 211 Street Cred XP, and the mission will continue into the side job Second Conflict.

If you’d like to read more Cyberpunk 2077 guides, check out the next mission guide in this series of side jobs, Second Conflict.

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