50 years ago Johnny and Rogue had a date to go to the drive-in. Now, in 2077, Johnny wants V’s help to fulfill his promise. This is the context for the Cyberpunk 2077 Blistering Love Side Job.

Cyberpunk 2077 Blistering Love Walkthrough

After reminiscing with Johnny in the oil fields at the end of the side job Chippin’ In, he will ask V to call Rogue and ask her out for him. He tells V that he promised to take Rogue to the Silver Pixel Cloud, a popular drive-in theater, 50 years ago before he got taken by Arasaka and turned into an engram via the Soulkiller.

Driving Rogue to the Silver Pixel Cloud Drive-In

V will call Rogue and she’ll tell you to pick her up at the club Afterlife, in the evening. After waiting until the evening and driving to the club, exit the car and wait for Rogue to stop talking to the guy she's talking to. Talk to Rogue and tell her that we’re going to the Silver Pixel Cloud.

She’ll follow you to the car, and make a specific remark about her disbelief in what she’s seeing if you decide to pick her up in Johnny’s Porsche. Get in and drive Rogue to the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in theater up in the hills.

Finding Your Way In

Follow Rogue inside the security entrance, and search the emails on the computer in the booth to find the access code for the entrance. Walk up to the keypad next to the locked door and enter the door code, 0000. Open the door and head inside the drive-in theater to start the movie for Rogue.

Starting the Movie, Bushido X

cyberpunk 2077 blistering love side job johnny projector

Go up the staircase to the left of the entrance to the drive-in area to the projection booth. Scan the room and talk with Johnny about the posters on the wall. To start the projector, interact with it with your data link. Johnny will ask V for control again and promises to not be as insane as last time. V takes Misty’s pills and lets Johnny take it from here.

Romance with Rogue

Johnny will exit the projection booth and rejoin Rogue, which will start dialogue leading to a very simple, and short, romance with Rogue.

cyberpunk 2077 blistering love side job rogue romance

To find out how to romance Rogue, check out this article detailing the dialogue options across various side jobs that lead to a romance with Rogue.

After Johnny and Rogue’s short romance, Rogue will leave and V will regain control, ending the mission. You will be rewarded with 143 XP and 322 Street Cred XP, and will unlock the achievement/trophy “Bushido and Chill.

From here, Johnny has one more bit of unfinished business he wants to resolve and asks V for help one more time. This time, he wants to head over to where his old bandmate from the Samurai days, Kerry, lives now. The place is fairly close to the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in theater, in the nearby North Oak hills. This leads into the side job Holdin’ On.

If you’re interested in more guides on Cyberpunk 2077, check out this guide on the Side Job: Holdin’ On.

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