Cyberpunk 2077 is full of bizarre references and easter eggs. The devs seemed to have had a blast putting all of these references in, ranging from The Dukes of Hazzard to Breaking Bad. There are even references to the 80s anime Akira, the series Grand Theft Auto, and people from real life such as Twitch streamers and Keanu Reeves (who, of course, happens to be in the game himself).

Here are five of these spectacular easter eggs you probably missed, and how you can find them.

1. The Matrix reference in a Television Ad

Our first obscure reference comes in the form of an advertisement on the TV channels in Cyberpunk 2077. By switching over to the Just Ads channel, you can catch the reference in the form of a clothing ad. In the movie The Matrix, there is a scene when Neo and Trinity are preparing to go on a mission to rescue Morpheus from the agents. He summons shelves upon shelves of guns into an empty space with only the two of them. Keanu is seen telling the operator that he needs "Guns, lots of guns" (coincidentally, this line is also in John Wick!). In the ad, the narrator is heard saying "Clothes, lots of clothes".


2. Corpse in the Refrigerator from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

In the badlands area outside the main city, just north of the crossroads where the fuel station fast travel point is, you can find a refrigerator with a corpse falling out of it. In the 2008 movie, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Indie is seen evading a full-on nuclear blast by hiding inside a lead-lined refrigerator. This easter egg is a direct reference to it, accompanied by a conversation log, which is a reference to the Mythbusters episode on the scene.


3. CDPR Developers

This easter egg actually breaks the fourth wall. Head over to the roundabout in Kabuki. There will be a shuttered door that can be opened with an access code. In the physical copies of the game, there is a message from the Cyberpunk 2077 team that includes the code. For those who are unable to find it for whatever reason, the code is 605185. When inside, you can sit on the sofa. Johnny Silverhand will pull out his guitar and start playing some tunes, while you will have the option to turn on the TV. Doing so will display a slide-show of all the developers of the game. Fun fact - Johnny plays the main theme to Blood and Wine, one of the DLCs from The Witcher 3, on his guitar.


4. Blade Runner references

On the topic of cyberpunk, the game includes a reference to one of the most popular films in the genre - Blade Runner. Specifically, the iconic "tears in rain" scene was included in the game as an easter egg. To find this easter egg, head over to the rooftop of the Advocet hotel in Vista Del Ray. Once you reach there, you'll find an NPC labeled "UNKNOWN" sitting with a dove in hand just like in the movie.


5. Disturbia by Rihanna sung by an Unexpected Character

One of the iconic weapons in the game, an AI-controlled pistol called "Skippy," will hum the song Disturbia by Rihanna every now and then. To find this gun, you can follow our guide.

Let us know in the comments if you found more obscure easter eggs in the game!

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