"The Heist" Quest Information

  • Mission Number 8
  • Story Chapter Act 1
  • Mission Type Main Job
  • Quest Giver Dexter DeShawn
  • District Cyberpunk2077 watson exteriors overview 1043 450Watson
  • Location Afterlife; Konpeki Plaza
  • How To Unlock Complete both The Pickup and The Information
V and Jackie must infiltrate Konpeki Plaza to steal the experimantal bio-chip from Yorinobu Arasaka, the leader of the Steel Dragons.
"There's only one door you gotta open in Night City. And that's the door to The Afterlife. Once you cross into that world, peeps'll step aside for you everywhere. Dex couldn't have chosen a better place to pregame before the heist, am I right? Afterlife's a sign for us, chica/ese.

Saburo Arasaka murdered by his own son - and in front of our goddamn eyes! Know what, V? Forget what I said about gettin' into the Afterlife - first we need to find a way to get the fuck out of this shitstorm before Arasaka spec ops jump down our throats.

So that's how it ends… at least for me. In the backseat of a limo with hot corporate lead wedged in my gut. You know, all things considered, that ain't a half-bad way for a Welles to go. Most sons of Heywood top out without all those fireworks. But what can I say, Night City's chewed up names way bigger than mine before. Not you, though - you still got work to do. Cut a fat deal (heh) with Dex in my honor. And don't piss it all away in vain, or I'll be rollin' in my grave until I hit the east coast. I won't give you a minute of goddamn peace, mano. This is the last favor we owe ourselves."

Work In Progress Guide for the Main Quest The Heist in Cyberpunk 2077.

"The Heist" Objectives

  • Meet Jackie at The Afterlife
  • Take part in Dex's briefing
  • Access Konpeki Plaza and take the elevator to the 42nd floor
  • Talk to T-Bug
  • Scan for an entry point for the Flathead and wait for it to breach the system
  • Take the control shard
  • Head to Yorinobu's penthouse
  • Hack the safe and let Jackie check the relic
  • Escape the penthouse
  • Reach the elevator and deal with any guards that arise
  • Head to the garage via the lobby and drive away from Konpeki Plaza

"The Heist" Walkthrough & Strategy

Coming soon.

"The Heist" Choices & Best Choice

Coming soon.

"The Heist" Tips & Tricks

Coming soon.

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