Tips and Tricks for Monster Hunter Rise

Hey, if you are looking for even more tips and tricks for Monster Hunter Rise in addition to our previous guide, you’ve come to the right place. We just can’t get enough of Rise, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Tips and Tricks for Monster Hunter Rise

Look behind that tree: the owl's nest!

A very interesting tip. if we go to the Plaza del Camarada, a huge tree stands out at the end of it, with a kind of small temple in it. In that tree, we can find really interesting materials.

If we go around the trunk, we will see that it is possible to climb to the top. And the best of all is that the owls' nest awaits us at the top, in which we can find practically any type of resource. Whenever you can, stop by.

Reduce your walks to a minimum in the Village

Are you just in time or do you want to chain one mission with the next? Reduce the number of walks around the village by accessing the forge, inventory, and comrade management functions from your home or the upper room of the guildhall. As simple as it sounds.

In addition, through the map, you can instantly transport yourself to any place in Kamura. Put it in the quick action bar, check if someone has something new, and travel easily and without detours.

What is Bunny Dango and how does it work?

While in Monster Hunter Rise we are not going to have those succulent Monster Hunter World feasts, Capcom has introduced a new dish that adds interesting layers of depth to each mission: the Dango.

In essence, it is about chopsticks with three types of flavour. They are served in the guild saga and the small restaurant next to the shape. Each flavour grants or accentuates a specific skill. The further we progress in the missions, the more flavours we have to combine.

The effect of the Dango depends on each recipe and equipment, and will be applied to the next mission we enter. In this aspect, it is better to choose the mission first and, based on this, choose the type of Dango that we will ask for.

Get in the habit of ordering one before each tricky mission. Fearlessly combine the flavours and save those that best suit your team and your style of play! In the process, have fun with the cutscenes during the prep.

Get the most out of the hunting area

In addition to the minimap that we will see on the screen, through the horizontal menu and the game settings we can access the map of each hunting area.

However, here are a couple of interesting insights.

From there, we can make quick trips to the camp - Something very beneficial to replenish inventory from the store or change weapons.

In addition, we can adjust with the zoom to better focus on the level of detail - Something more than interesting if we are carrying out a collection of materials or looking for small monsters.

Finally, we can adjust the information that is shown to us on the screen, from collection resources to native fauna. We can even choose to simply see the shape of the terrain.

Slay or Capture? 

Usually, in Monster Hunter Rise, we will be asked to take down a certain beast. Sometimes more than one. However, removing them will not always be the best option. As much as possible, our priority should be to capture them.

Hunting a beast is not too much of a mystery. It is enough to exhaust its health until it is struck down permanently. Capturing it is a more delicate process, but in return, we will get more and better materials from it.

The process for a capture does not have much mystery, but that does not mean that it is easy: we will have to reduce the health of the beast until it is tired. We will know it because we will be informed on the screen and we will see how its icon on the map flashes and under its image we will see a special mark.

From there, we will have to have a trap and several tranquilizing objects such as Tranq bombs. When the already-tired monster is completely immobilized and unconscious, we will have captured it.

Prepare your attack and deploy your traps

Before starting an attack, it is always advisable to prepare the ground. Prepare traps, have light bombs or place explosive elements. Many of the monsters may be unpredictable by nature, but we can guarantee a huge amount of damage right out of the box.

On the other hand, it is convenient for us to accommodate hunting to our needs. It is not only about being on an advantageous terrain but about removing the monster from its natural environment. Some fight better in water and others in mud. Make it difficult for him.

Now, we think we are done with the tips for this spectacular game, but stayed tuned for the guides for the best games here at GamesAtlas.

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