Upon the release of Version 1.23 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes a slew of new cosmetic bundles, one of which is a new Operator pack for the Allegiance member Nikto. For 2,400 COD Points, the pack consists of nine different items that can be used in both the base game of Modern Warfare and in Warzone. The Nikto: Take No Prisoners Pack comes with three Weapon Blueprints, the Bloodletter skin for Nikto, a Finishing Move, a watch skin, a new vehicle skin, a quip, a calling card, and an emblem.

All of the Weapon Blueprints featured in the Nikto: Take No Prisoner’s Pack have a black and red color scheme, which mimics the overall look of Nikto's Bloodletter skin.

Weapon Blueprints

The Crimson Pools: 725

The first out of three Weapon Blueprints acquired in the Take No Prisoners Pack is a Crimson Pools 725 Shotgun. It comes equipped with a Choke muzzle, which gives the pellets a smaller spread and higher damage range but also decreases the ADS of the weapon. The barrel is a Tempus 32” Competition, which also increases the damage range and reduces pellet spread, but drops the ADS and movement speed, something which is counteracted by the 5mW Laser that comes equipped. The 5mW Laser increases the player’s sprint to fire speed and hip-fire accuracy, but this particular laser is visible to enemies when active. The Crimson Pools comes with the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex, which has an extremely clear sight picture but also decreases the ADS. Despite a majority of the attachments decreasing the ADS of the weapon, the Tempus SlimGrip guard increases both the ADS and sprint to fire speed but decreases the aiming stability. While the ADS of the Crimson Pools is rather slow, it certainly makes up for it with damage and a slight increase in damage range. However, since it's still a 725, the range isn't incredibly far.

The Slaughterhouse: PKM

The second Weapon Blueprint is a PKM LMG called the Slaughterhouse. The Slaughterhouse comes equipped with the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex, which has a precise picture through the optic, but this comes at the cost of a decrease in ADS speed. The barrel is an 18.2” Compact Barrel which will increase both the ADS and movement speed of the weapon but will decrease bullet velocity and recoil control. With a 200 Round Belt, the Slaughterhouse’s ADS and movement are sacrificed for 200 rounds of point-detonating ammo. Stippled Grip Tape and the FSS Close Quarters Stock give the weapon an increase in ADS speed and sprint to fire speed but drop the aiming stability. Both the Slaughterhouse and the Crimson Pools have the Dismemberment Perk applied.

Loose Ends: Combat Knife

The third Weapon Blueprint is a Combat Knife called Loose Ends, and while it doesn’t have any difference in stats from a regular combat knife or other Weapon Blueprint knives, the cosmetics of the knife change. The serrated blade is red with black tiger stripes, with a black handle.

Cosmetic Alterations


Despite a downside of the Operator Pack being that it doesn't include two tier skips for the Battle Pass, the pack comes with a red and black emblem and an animated calling card. The calling card features a mirror image of Nikto, both of which are wielding handguns.

Along with weapons and identity cosmetics, Nikto's pack comes with a new watch and truck skin, and a quip. The Blood Simple watch is a red and black-faced watch that displays the time of the player's current timezone. However, the vehicle skin titled 'Entomb' is primarily black skin with gray accents. 

Finishing Move

A brand new Finishing Move comes with Nikto's new pack. It is applicable to all operators on both Coalition and Allegiance teams and features the player calling a hyena to kill their opponent. Upon executing a finishing move, Nikto will say "Just a corpse." if the player equips the quip featured in the Take No Prisoners Pack.

If you don't mind sacrificing ADS speed for damage and admire the aesthetic of black and red color schemes, then the Nikto: Take No Prisoners pack is definitely something to consider. It's an added bonus that your operator will have a cool hyena walking by your side as you wait to load into a match. Please leave any opinions or additions in the comments below!

For more information on the weapons in COD Modern Warfare and COD Warzone check out our Blueprints Database.

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