Hades is, like all great rogue-likes, filled with challenges, be they in the form of time challengers, no damage domains, or its main bosses.

But, between all the bosses, not gets more in the nerves of players than the Champion of Elysium, the egocentric Theseus, and his partner, Asterius.

We will now show you how to beat Theseus and Asterius, the main bosses of Elysium.

How to Beat Theseus and Asterius in Hades

As said above, both Theseus and his partner, Asterius, are fought as the bosses from the Elysium domain. Now, what can make this fight hard is the fact that both have high damaging attacks. So, positioning them in the field will need to be one of your main focuses. 

As the key to any battle is preparation, we recommend the use of the Broken Spearpoint, given to you by Patroclus, or the Evergreen Acorn, given to you by Eurydice.

  • You can get the Broken Spearpoint by gifting Patroclus with a bottle of nectar. He can be found in Elysium.
  • The Evergreen Acorn can be gain after gifting Eurydice with a bottle of Nectar. She can be found in Asphodel.

Let the Bull Charge First 

How to Beat Theseus and Asterius

As the title says, you should deal with Asterius first, since he can deal high damage with his melee attacks, and make you vulnerable to Theseus Spear Trows.

Since Theseus will focus on throwing his spear at Zagreus, focus on keeping yourself behind the vases and the other obstacles in the field, as by doing that, you will only need to dodge Asterius's advances.

  • Staying mobile is the way, but don't forget to keep Theseus positioning in mind.

Asterius will make use of melee attacks, where he will run or leap to Zagreus's position. Some of his swings will cause waves to dissipate, causing damage in an AoE. He will also rush at Zagreus sometimes, dealing massive damage. When that happens, you will need to guide him to the obstacles to break his momentum.

Hit him when the opportunity arises, and go for the offense.

The Rise of the New Champion


After beating his companion, it's the time for Elysium to crown a new champion, but Theseus will not make it easy for you.

Just as before, he will block every attack.

To make him vulnerable, make him throw his spear, sine after getting it back, and he will be briefly vulnerable to high damage. Don't stay close to him when he's blocking, or you will give him an opening for a spear swing.

You will need to rinse and repeat until his health depletes.

Once only 50% of his health remains, he will call the help from Olympus, and area of effect attacks will start to spawn on the battlefield, causing high damage.

When this happens, focus on dealing with high damage in the openings, and keep following the same strategy. But stay focused, is easy said than done.

A pro tip: For this fight, using the Aspect of Chiron, for the Heart-Seeking Bow is recommended, as it offers a great offensive ability, and lets you keep your distance while dealing a constant amount of damage.


Hades is currently available for PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store, and for the Nintendo Switch. Don't forget to take a look at our Hades guides for tips, and much more.


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