The best way to level up personality stats in Yakuza: Like A Dragon is to take exams and pass with flying colors at Ounabara Vocational School. Each category of the exam has its own personality stat bonuses associated with the topic, albeit they usually cost a fair amount (exam fees can be as high as ¥50,000) so they might be difficult to afford early in the game.

They also take place in descending order of Tiers, so Tier 2 will be first, and then Tier 1. Keep in mind, the questions may not be in the order presented in this guide, so make sure you read them carefully before picking the answers.

In this guide, we give you all the answers to the Animal Science exam. This exam will boost Ichi's Kindness stat. To pass this exam, you only need to answers 3 out of the 5 questions.

Yakuza Animal Science Answers:

Which of the following is considered an insect? Ladybug
Which of the following is not an ape? Japanese macaque
Which of the following is an herbivore? Beaver
Which of the following is considered an amphibian? Salamander
Which of the following extinct animals were considered penguins? Great auk
Spiders are commonly known to spin a web in order to catch their prey. Which of the following spiders does not spin a web to catch its prey?

Jumping spider

Which of the following birds cannot fly? Ostrich
Which of the following reptiles has the longest body length? Saltwater crocodile
Which of the following is not considered a shark? Sturgeon
Which of the following is considered a fish? Great white shark


This exam is supposed to certify "that you have sufficient knowledge of all living species on Earth, from mammals to insects." The answers to all these questions are fairly easy, however, some general knowledge is required. There are no special questions that require any extra actions to be taken or are unique to any circumstance. This exam gives a good boost to Ichi's Kindness level too. To get these answers yourself, you could simply google the questions listed above, however, I don't recommend doing that while taking the exam as each question has a timer.

This is one of the few exams that absolutely does not depend on in-game knowledge, but rather general knowledge of the real world. It is a common occurrence in Yakuza games to test the player on general knowledge concepts, sometimes even branching into specific lines of questioning - as displayed in a subquest in Yakuza 5. Most of the charm in Yakuza games tends to be in the subquests and the game outside of the main story. Feel free to comment on your favorite moments from any Yakuza game that made you think about the real world and put in some of your own efforts, or anything else you like about the games and/or franchise.

That's all for this guide! Feel free to check out our other Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides, including the ones on other examinations at Ounabara Vocational School!

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