Guilty Gear Strive has launched as a worldwide success with its unmatched netcode and breathtaking visuals. Yet, It is not a game without issues. Although it is fun, great looking, and has impressive netplay, some characters are causing Guilty Gear players to get a bit angry. Let's talk about each character and why they are generating so much discussion.

We Know They Are The Best, But Why Are Some Top Tiers Considered Broken?

Guilty Gear Strive has received a lot of heat due to its simplified mechanics. However, within a month, players have already found combos of complex execution, killing combos, and many high-level tricks that use the new Roman Cancel. Although it is true that a lot is to be discovered, some characters clearly benefit from certain mechanics way more than others. Who are they?


Guilty Gear Strive - How to Escape Ramlethal's pressure?

She is probably the least annoying of the most powerful characters. Ram is a character that can control the neutral from afar, quickly breaks the wall with combos, and has way too much damage. Most of her block strings are burst-safe, making it incredibly hard to escape her pressure.

Sol Badguy

Guilty Gear Strive - Sol Badguy Is Broken

His name is a reference to Fred Mercury's nickname: Mr. Badguy. Sol has been annoying Guilty Gear fans since the first beta came out. His special anti-air reversal has two different versions; both are invulnerable during the first active frames. The strongest version causes a lot of damage. Besides, it can easily be converted into a high damaging combo with a Red Roman Cancel. The weaker version is so fast that it might be nearly impossible to punish unless you expect the Sol player to use it.

On top of all that, Sol has way more combo paths than any other character in the game. Almost everything can lead to a corner carry and a wall break. He is also the only character that can go from his standing kick to his forward slash. There is so much that this character can do that it would take too long to go through every single aspect. But most importantly, on top of all that, his damage is way too high. He is so powerful that a player who has never tried him before can defeat a player using their main character with little to no effort.

Chipp Zanuff

guilty gear strive chipp zanuff

The redesigned Ninja from Guilty Gear is unstoppable. A lot like Sol, Chip has all kinds of combos and combo paths, but more than that, he has way too many offensive options that lead to conversions. Chipp can start a combo on the right corner of the screen and send you through the wall on the left side by the end of it.

Although you can, in theory, react to his pressure, Chipp has so many options that it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed. He can end his block strings with a command grab, a cross-up, an overhead, a low attack, a quick dust attack, and more. Since Strive's Ninja is always running forward and attacking, he is likely to have enough Tension to turn anything he hits into a full combo. Besides, he has an invulnerable reversal. So, if you manage to pressure him, he can use that and make safe with Roman Cancel.

I hope a balance patch will fix those issues. The game just came out, so there is time for it to be fixed. 

If you want to know a bit more about Guilty Gear, check out our list of musical references you can find in the game!


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