Grab your gun and speed up your thumbs, because the myth is back with Quake Remastered. And we've got the Quake Remastered review for you. If we were to analyze the FPS genre and its great exponents throughout the history of the video game, the id Software title would be among the three chosen for its particular Olympus, along with Wolfenstein and Doom.

Released on June 22, 1996, and signed by already legendary figures such as John Romero and John Carmack, Quake quickly became a huge success. It was a turn of the screw for the first-person shooter genre, achieving its own identity and popularizing multiplayer.

Quake Remastered Review

Quake Remastered Review

Its intricate levels, this gothic atmosphere that drinks from H.P. Lovecraft, the iconic music of Trent Reznor, its revolutionary engine with acceleration and 3D rendering in real-time ... there were no few reasons for its importance. And, of course, Quake rose as a legend of the genre.

Of course, it would not take long for countless ports to arrive for consoles such as Nintendo 64 or Sega Saturn, in addition to an early sequel, Quake II, which gave greater weight to the narrative and the atmosphere of science fiction. For its part, the multiplayer revolution would come with Quake III Arena, in 1999.

Older PC gamers will longingly remember those afternoons and nights of glory playing Quake III Arena, which later made the leap to PS2 and Dreamcast with disparate sensations. In 2005 Quake IV would arrive, a Raven Software experience that collected the narrative witness of Quake II.

After several installments focused exclusively on the multiplayer variant (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Quake Champions), the saga needed a return in style, coinciding with its 25th anniversary... and here we have it. Quake Remastered is out now, ladies and gentlemen.

This Quake remastering is carried out by Nighdive Studios (System Shock Remake), and is now available for 9.99 euros (in digital format) for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Bethesda has also revealed that it is working on native versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Quake Remastered Review Key Takeaway: Is it worth going back to Quake?

Absolutely yes.

Quake Remastered is a love letter for the fan of the saga, as well as for those classic players who seek to meet again with a challenging shooter. Its mechanics stand the test of time well, and they remind us why Quake was such a special game.

Of course, if you've never played Quake before, this remastering signed by Nightdive Studios is the way to go. Whether on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, we find the most complete and detailed edition of all those released since 1996, and at a more than affordable price.

Fans of the franchise will find here a precious reunion with their first love, and that marks the return of a legendary saga ... that well deserves to return to the media spotlight. After the multiplayer experiences of Enemy Territory, Live, and Champions, Quake Remastered is pure gold.

Not everything is perfect and the game has some glitches, but Quake Remastered does not pretend to be. Its objective is to preserve the legacy of a masterpiece of the FPS genre and to make known to all current players why Quake rumbles so loudly when we speak his name.

If you are looking for a classic shooter and you want to know one of the most emblematic sagas of id Software, Quake Remastered is the perfect occasion for it. And hey, if you're subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for compatibility, you can keep the party going with Quake II and Quake III Arena.

Playing on a PC does not have to imply having a great graphics card or a powerful processor. There are a good number of games that do not demand much from our computers.

Quake Remastered has been available since August 19 in digital format, for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It can also be played via backward compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, although Bethesda is already preparing native versions for next-gen consoles.

Don't hesitate any longer: grab your weapon, prepare your armor and travel through the most gothic dimensions with this Quake remaster. Shub-Niggurath has unleashed her terrifying monsters to wreak havoc, and only you, Ranger, will be able to stop her through action, terror, and unbridled fantasy.

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