After The Last Of Us Part 1, what are the remaining possible remakes from Naughty Dog?

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With remakes being one of the front-and-center trends within gaming in the modern day, we look at the potential remakes fans could be in store for, by one of PlayStation's most popular first-party studios.

Possible Remakes From Naughty Dog - Uncharted Series

Before The Last Of Us became the critically acclaimed series that it is today, Naughty Dog's Uncharted series stood as one of the best games on both the PS3 and PS4 consoles.

After developers' efforts in remaking The Last Of Us Part 1, there is almost certainly a possibility the same treatment could be given to the beloved Uncharted series.

Fans on PC who have been awaiting an opportunity to experience Nathan Drake's journey can now venture into the last and most recent installment in Uncharted 4 but are yet to receive its predecessors.

Whilst it would be in an unorthodox order of release, a PC release would certainly suffice in light of the first three titles and more specifically Uncharted 2 being remade.

The heavy controversy surrounding The Last Of Us Part 1 and its lack of gameplay changes considering the implemented features in The Last Of Us Part 2 were sufficient in the eyes of many fans, but when comparing the three Uncharted games to 4, it would be reasonable for Naughty Dog to give them a green light.

A large majority of the studio's focus has been central on The Last Of Us series ever since Part 2's release in 2020, so a shift in franchises among the potential for a new IP could put them back in the good books for a plethora of fans.

Possible Remakes From Naughty Dog

 Credit: Naughty Dog

Despite its high likelihood, the chances of fans seeing this anytime soon are less likely, considering Naughty Dog's focus on a new IP along with their upcoming Last Of Us multiplayer standalone title set for release in 2023.

Not only are these three different titles which would need a redesign, but this will also be dependent on whether developers decide to take their most recent route in the aspect of remakes and use the same engine and graphical fidelity as the series' more advanced version, or build an entirely different game while adhering to the originals.

Is There Any Chance For A Revisit To The Jak Series?

Before Naughty Dog's shift to the photorealistic and third-person adventure titles came the Jak series, which is another title many fans have been expecting to see revisited.

Plans for a 4th game were scrapped considering the difficulty of attempting to translate the game's characters to more realistic versions rather than the cartoon form, which is evident in undeveloped projects' concept art.

Despite this, the chances that fans could either receive a remake of one of the titles or a new IP entirely are still possible, but unlikely to be at the forefront of the studio's plans as of now.

With many anticipating more news and announcements on the upcoming multiplayer title, there is no doubt that fans will be awaiting further announcements of possible remakes from Naughty Dog and what else they may have in store.

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