Ranger ascendencies are not exactly in the meta but are very powerful after huge investment so let's take a look at PoE Top Ranger Builds.

Path of Exile is a hack–and–slash game that every three months have a new league released that adds new content to the game.

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The Forbidden Sanctum is with us for a while now so let's jump to the list and check the most popular build for the ranger and remember that those builds are not cheap.

PoE Top Ranger Builds

#3 Kinetic Blast Deadeye

Kinetic Blast fires a projectile from a wand that causes a series of small explosions surrounding its point of impact, each damaging enemies caught in the area. Kinetic blast always produces 4 explosions per projectile impact. This makes supports such as Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support and Greater Multiple Projectiles Support valuable additions for clearing groups.

Pros of the build:

  • Very fast mapper
  • Single target can be great
  • Awesome scaling
  • Headhunter recommended

Cons of the build:

  • Squishy, one shotted almost by everything
  • Single target is dependable on crit

PoB of The Build

PoE Top Ranger Builds

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

#2 Venom Gyre Deadeye

Venom Gyre is a claw/dagger attack skill that throws a projectile that deals chaos damage with a chance to poison. These projectiles return to you and can be caught, which can all be launched by using Whirling Blades. Primary projectiles can Pierce, allowing a single target to be struck by both the outgoing and returning projectiles. Does not generate additional Returning Projectiles.

Pros of the build:

  • Easy leveling
  • Great single target
  • Can do most of the content
  • Awesome Scaling
  • Great mapping

Cons of the build:

  • Expensive to min–max
  • Damage is dependable on how you are positioned

PoB of The Build

#1 Tornado Shot Deadeye

Tornado Shot is a bow attack skill that fires a piercing shot that releases projectiles in all directions when it reaches the targeted location. The secondary projectiles fade over time. Upon reaching the targeted location, Tornado Shot's projectile releases three secondary arrows in random directions. No target can be hit by more than one secondary arrow from a single explosion.

The exact version of the build is the Cast on Critical Strike version where Tornado Shot functions as a trigger.

Pros of the build:

  • Medicare single target
  • Simple gameplay
  • Very flashy
  • Amazing mapper

Cons of the build:

  • Very squishy
  • Can explode your computer

Pob of The Build


And that would be all for PoE Top Ranger Builds. The builds were taken from the poe.ninja website. Now go and get fun with the builds that were presented to you above, Stay Good Exile!

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