Is Path of Exile Pay to Win? In PoE, there are a lot of ways to waste money.

There are many things you can buy in Path of Exile despite being free–to–play game.

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Let's see what exactly wasting money in PoE is.

How Do You Buy Things In Path of Exile?

There are two legal ways to buy things in Path of Exile. The first is to buy points for which you buy MTXs and stash tabs. The first one is strictly visual effects, the second one is a thing about why Is Path of Exile Pay to Win. But before that, we need to take care of the earlier-mentioned points.

There are three offers where you can buy points:

  • 50 points for 5$
  • 100 points for 10$
  • 200 points for 20$

Basically, 1$ per 10 points which may not be so bad considering the number of discounts in microtransactions in PoE shop. But there is also another way to attain points and it is to buy supporter packs.

Is Path of Exile Pay to Win

Screenshot: Games Atlas, Credits: Grinding Gear Games

It may be more expensive but it is much more rewarding. For example, a set that will be dropped out at the announcement of the new Path of Exile expansion is 600 points, two portrait frames, a digital soundtrack, pets, shield skin, footprint effect, and a whole armor pack for 60$. So you still get 10 points per 1$ but also you acquire MTXs equal to around the same amount of points as you get from the supporter pack.

Why Is Path of Exile Pay to Win?

In Path of Exile, there are a lot of microtransactions but the most important ones are definitely stash tabs. You get 4 of them at the start and it definitely is enough if you only want to play a campaign.

However, if you will get sucked into the PoE world you will definitely need more stash tabs, and two of the most important ones are definitely the currency stash tab and the quad premium stash tab.

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The first one is for, as the name suggests, storing the currency you get. The second one you would think is something to flex but nothing like that. This will be your market stash tab. By setting in for the public your offers will appear on the Path of Exile trade website which is basically half of the game.

Is Path of Exile Pay to Win

Screenshot: Games Atlas, Credits: Grinding Gear Games

There is also a trade chat in the game but most likely you will sell and buy things faster at the PoE website. So to sum it up, asking "Is Path of Exile Pay to Win" can be answered as depends. Depends on how long you plan to play the game.

For more coverage on Path of Exile and other games, keep tuning into Games Atlas! Stay good, exile.


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