Welcome to our complete Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide! In this spin-off sequel to the main saga, available for PC and Nintendo Switch, we play a Rider who must save the world from devastation. Will you be able to meet your goal?

To help you overcome any problem, in our  Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide, we show you, one by one and in a deep way, all the monsters that make up this JRPG delivery with their details, characteristics, and weak points.

In addition, if that is not enough, we also give you useful tips to progress and solve important questions that you will surely come across as you enter this Capcom experience.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Guide [Updated]

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All Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Complete Bestiary

The main feature of Monster Hunter Stories 2 is its bestiary of monsters that we can hunt through the wide and vast world. In this RPG installment from Capcom, they have thrown the house out the window since we have more than a hundred monsters available in total, of which 67 of them can become our Monsties, that is, battle companions through incubation of eggs.

Of course, in our Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide, you will find complete and detailed tabs on each of these hatching monsters to review important matters such as their statistics, weak points, rewarding loot materials, and more, as well as information on other non-hatching or smaller creatures.

Monsties Egg Guide

Obtaining Monsties eggs is one of the most important things we can do in Monster Hunter Stories 2. As was the case in the previous installment of this saga, players can obtain monster eggs, hatch them in stables and obtain new powerful companions after their hatching. These Monsties help us in the adventure and are vital to be able to overcome any challenge, so you have to be up to date with issues related to them, such as the following:

Monster Retreats: How to get them to flee to their lairs to steal their eggs.

Increase stable size: we explain how to enlarge the spaces for Monsties in the stable.

Genetics and Channeling Rite: We explain in depth all about Monsties genes, how to transfer them from one to another, and more.

Monsties Expeditions - Learn how to take advantage of this important mechanic and how to expand Expedition Party slots.

Combat tips

The turn-based battles in MH Stories 2 are the most fun and intense thanks to their multiple mechanics. Since it is one of the pillars of the game, we have seen fit to develop an entry dedicated to the best tips and tricks for fighting.

Here, we play important clubs that must be known in detail if we do not want to bite the dust once after another; such as what types of attacks exist, how to activate special abilities, how the physiology of monster parts work, and much more!


As in any Monster Hunter, the weapons available in this game draw attention from the players, since they will undoubtedly want their Rider to have the most powerful weapons at all times to face any rival.

This time around, we have 6 types of weapons previously known in the saga that are divided into three main groups:

  • Cutting weapons: they are the great sword and the sword and shield.
  • Blunt weapons: they are the hammer and the cleat.
  • Ranged weapons: they are the bow and the pistol lance.

To make the most of your weapons, you have to know them and know which one is more effective against each of the monsters. Do not hesitate to expand your knowledge with this entry in the guide.

Armor tips

In addition to weapons, we also have to tell you about which are the best armors, as this is the other important part of every Rider's equipment. In this installment, there are naturally dozens of armor available to forge and improve, all thanks to the combination of different materials from the monsters. Each armor has its own useful passive abilities and, if you are one of those who like to show them off in style, you can also wear layered armor.

For these questions, do not hesitate to visit this section of the guide.

Multiplayer mode

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a very attractive multiplayer mode that many users will surely want to try or enjoy. Either to play missions in co-op or to challenge other players from around the world to duels via internet connection. Now, the multiplayer functions are blocked from the beginning, so for the most impatient, we have prepared this post in which we explain what to do to unlock access to multiplayer.

Frequent questions

In this section of the guide, we collect the frequently asked questions of Monster Hunter Stories 2 and any other questions or concerns that players may have throughout their experience:

Earning EXP and Leveling Up + get zenny  - Find out ways to rack up a lot of experience quickly; the best method to earn money quickly in the game.

Get rank S: we explain the conditions to take into account during the combats.

Get combo recipes: to be able to combine resources and obtain useful objects.

Increase Attributes: How to permanently increase Health, Defense, and Strength.

Get more materials and resources: the methods to farm in greater quantities.

Bottle caps and old nests: the methods of obtaining this valuable resource.

How long is it ?: we reveal the total duration of the main story of the game.

For more guides on Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin as well as Monster Hunter Rise, stick around for more of that, and for some of the guides for the best games around, stay here at GamesAtlas.

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